Reasons Why Your Best Friend Will Always Be Your Soulmate

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She’ll always be there, whereas guys will always come and go. Even if you’re 50 and going through your first divorce, you can count on her to hold your hand through the whole disaster, making it a little less heartbreaking, and publicly humiliating whoever hurt you in the first place.  She’ll stick through the thick and thin, and apart from having your back through endless relationship drama, she’ll also bolster your confidence better than any man can, because you truly believe and trust her. And because at this point, she knows you better than you know yourself.

The second you see your best friend, your walls come down and you can finally relax. She can see the true you, through farts, stomach flus, pimples, and bad mistakes, but will never judge you, because you’ve seen her go through the exact same.

She’s the only one that can fully empathize with you during your PMS rage moments when you turn into a monster, and she’ll still bring you chocolate, change into matching onesies with you, and curate the perfect Rom Com list on Netflix. You can communicate your needs and thoughts telepathically and through facial expressions, and she’s on it pronto. So much better than anything a boyfriend could attempt in your monthly time of need.

Even in her belligerent or annoying moments, you know she’ll be there till the end, and you wonder what you would do without them.

Who else will guide your soul to not sext your ex at 3am, or yell at you to stop hitting on the Uber driver? Even when you want to hate her, you love her.

No one will ever be as honest with you as your BFF is. She’ll tell you if that color really looks good on you, instead of just trying to flatter you. You can count on her for ruthless honesty, but a perfect delivery every time, since she knows you so well. And while she can dole out the harsh truth every time, she’s also been your #1 cheerleader since the start. When you have to do something terrifying without her, the separation anxiety kicks in, and you feel bad for those who don’t have the most incredible and supportive best friend in the world. She’s a beacon of light and positivity that pulls you off the ground when you’re crumpled into a mess, and can’t fathom getting up.

And finally, she’s your forever soulmate because true love doesn’t have to be romantic. Your best friend checks so many boxes, that no human man could possibly compete with her. Even if you meet the guy of your dreams and start your own family, you won’t be able to get through a single milestone without her by your side, giving you a smile and a gentle nudge forward.

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