Do We Really Need to Be Facebook Official?

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Social media is its own culture nowadays, and has changed everything from how we get our news to how we communicate. And, it’s come a long way since MySpace (remember that kids?) has emerged ten years ago. As more and more consumers get smartphones, it is easier now than ever before to connect with your friends.

One of the many things that social media has changed undoubtedly is relationships. Social media comes with its own set of problems that can in fact make its way into our romantic relationships. These problems can include: the need for false ressaurance on social media, and the constant need to compare your relationship with someone that’s on your newsfeed. In fact, I remember a friend and her boyfriend getting into an argument over Facebook profile pictures.

However, it also brings up another question: does it really matter if you’re Facebook official with your significant other?

What does it mean to be Facebook Official? According to Urban Dictionary, it says that: “when on one’s Facebook profile, it says “In a Relationship” and your significant other’s name.”

Personally, I don’t think that it matters whether or not your relationship is Facebook official. In fact, none of my relationships were even listed on Facebook. Why? Well, I believe that a relationship is private, and putting it on Facebook is similar to being a celebrity holding a news conference for a special announcement.

With that being said, it’s not that I keep my relationships in the dark. It’s not as if I am ashamed of them. If you’re my friend and someone I talk to and hang out with regularly, chances are you know that I am seeing someone and I am in a relationship with them. And, if you’re not in that circle, then I don’t see why it’s your business.

I’m not the only millennial who thinks that. I talked to Jenn, who is currently single. Jenn said she thinks it’s “cute” when couples post that they are in a relationship together.

“Sometimes you don’t always see couples together, so when the “official” thing pops on on Facebook, it’s really interesting to see who is together.” she said.

However, while she doesn’t think that it’s a bad thing if a couple doesn’t want to do it.

“Becoming Facebook official doesn’t make or break your relationship,” she said.

Jenn isn’t the only one who thinks that. Sarah, who has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for over four years, thinks that if a couple decides to be private it’s “cool.”

Sarah went onto say that she’s been “Facebook” official since the day she started to date him over four years ago. She continues to post about her relationship online, because she likes to “show” that she’s with a wonderful guy, and doesn’t “care who sees it.”

“It’s more of a personal recognition for me,” she said. “In the beginning I also kinda felt like showing off how I was with a pretty awesome guy. Now, it’s not so much about showing off, especially cause it pretty much states the obvious on my profile.”

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