Purple Cauliflower: When the Food Shines

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Which food shines are you wondering? Well, Purple cauliflower has been around for years, however it’s turning into a more and more fashionable food — and it is simple to see why. The vibrant colour makes it look far more attention-grabbing than plain-old cauliflower, and it is probably the most eye-catching vegetable you will discover in the produce aisle. However what precisely is purple cauliflower, and is it any totally different than white cauliflower? Here is the deal with one of many trendiest foods of 2017.

Though it virtually seems to be artificially dyed as a result of it is so brilliant, rest assured, purple cauliflower is dyed naturally due to antioxidants known as anthocyanins. The identical antioxidants are present in different deeply coloured foods like red cabbage, cherries, and blackberries. Whereas the colour is drastically totally different, the style and texture is not. You will not be capable to tell any difference in taste between purple cauliflower and the common cauliflower you have had earlier than. We truthfully see no motive to accept common cauliflower given the possibility to choose its magical-trying counterpart; the purple veggie makes it even simpler to eat the rainbow.

The good half is that purple cauliflower won’t lose its color when cooked.

You possibly can deal with purple cauliflower simply as with any other roasted vegetable, steamed vegetable, or sauteed vegetable. If you happen to be in a blue feeling excited to seek out the closest grocery retailer that carries purple cauliflower — you may even find it at Trader Joe’s — and wish ideas for the way to prepare dinner with it, preserve studying for loads of inspiration and recipe strategies.

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