Poetry in Circuitry: When Fashion Meets Technology

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Fashion breeds creativity. Without it, we would all be wearing plain, unimpressive uniforms. That sentiment also carries over to accessories which, when chosen correctly, finishes an outfit perfectly. However, modern society is on the move, always interconnected to electronic devices and digesting consistent amounts of data. Which begs the question: Can the flowing poetry of fashion mix with the rigid circuitry of technology? The answer, quite frankly, is still up in the air.

Without a doubt, companies on both sides continue seeking a fulfilling option that bridges both considerations. Failing or continued experimentation is not for lack of trying. FitBit itself offers different versions of its activity trackers with appealing patterns that can easily mesh with your training clothes. For a high end option, Tory Burch spearheaded luxury brands’ entry into this market with appealing smartwatches and trackers. Casual brand Fossil carries smartwatches that have responsive touchscreens. Emanuel Ungaro offers smart rings that connect to your phone. There are even earphones with inlaid Swarovski crystals.

Nevertheless, a severe disconnect arises between form and functionality. At one extreme, there is no way of thinking an Apple iWatch or Beats headphones to be fashionable. They are quite simply not. Even when dressed in different colors, patterns, or finishes, these devices possess either a bulky, gaudy, or electronically sparse aspect (Google Glass, anyone?) that can never cleanly finish a good outfit, much less a haute couture look.

google glass poetry circuitry

On the other hand, fashionable accessories do not have the natural form to contain smart chips and other circuitry necessary for the technological functions that enhance everyday living. Want to tweet with your necklace? Answer your call from a ring? These ideas seem appealing, but, again, how the technology marries the fashion may not be as seamless or appealing as you would like. At worst, they don’t exist; at best, they are one-dimensional.

Where fashion’s poetry and technology’s circuity go from here is anyone’s guess. High-end manfuacturers will surely continue finding ways of combining both and do so with an offering that satisfies each of the consumers’ interest (your best bet now, really, are the aforementioned Tory Burch smartwatches). Until then, be cautious with your wearable tech accessories. Never don a tux or tailored suit with a FitBit and don’t expect your ring to make a call.

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