Pink Lipstick is the New Red

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In an interesting twist, modesty is back in. Pink hues on your lips convey a flirty side without putting it all out there. Red is bold, but the most compelling shades are a total commitment. You feel like you have to throw on stilettos to pull off the look. Put on pink and take the pressure off without sacrificing style or sex appeal.

Pink lipstick is the new red already in Hollywood. Influential A-listers Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth and Katy Perry have even flashed blushing hues with formal evening wear on the red carpet. The result was instant glam, with a sexy, demure finish.

Pink Lipstick With Different Skin Tones

Are you a redhead? This article applies to you too. Whether you believe it or not, you would look great in pink. It’s all about matching your lipstick to your skin tone. Let’s take a closer look.

If your skin tone is in the pink or beige range, cool pinks look best on you. Meanwhile, warm pinks complement golden, amber or olive skin. If you have a tough time matching lip colors or are just shy of bright colors, here’s a cheat. Put on a clear lipstick or gloss so your own lip color shines through. Add reverse lip liner to the edges to prevent smearing and to provide a crisp line. In the light, this trick gives off a pink hue.

From the Office to Happy Hour

Instead of reaching for the red to add drama to switch from a day to evening face, try something new. Since pink lipstick is the new red, use it to brighten your lips and apply a matching blush to the apples of your cheeks (not the contour). You’ve just created a fresh, young and sexy look in seconds. Give it a try to see just how noticeable this look can be.

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