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Learning about Peruvian cuisine is practically a rite of passage for foodies in Lima. As a professional Chef Antonio wanted to try at least one of the best restaurant in the world, and here in Lima there is one of them! We booked our dinner 5 months ago, at Central, the restaurant of Chef Virgilio Martinez.

Here in Lima we tried many restaurants and traditional Peruvian and Amazonian food, here you can find many fusion of Local products and est cuisine, and fresh market where you can find delicious chevice for a very cheap price! There are also culinary tour available.

But what we want to tell you is our experience at Central: the restaurant is located in Miraflores, the most fancy neighbor in Lima, close to the ocean, where you can breathe an international atmosphere, but the location it self is a bit hidden, and this gives to the place a very intimate and reserved spot.

The hostess welcome us and our table was in the first floor, very close to the beautiful open kitchen, there is also a nice bar and a second floor. Our table was set with artisanal peruvian flatware.
We order a tasting menu,  the vegetarian one for Elena and the regular on for Antonio. Each dish has ingredients that comes from a particular altitude of peru, because the goal of Chef Virgilio Martinez is to recreate in every meal an ecosystem of a particular part of Peru, to show the varieties of nature resources its country has!

We experience 11 courses of 11 deferents altitudes!
We could say we travel all Peru in one night! The colors, the taste and the flavor wind up all together in the experience, with food and selected wines, it was amazing!

Almost every dish was an explosion of sensation once you bite it, the waiter were explaining us all the ingredients and how to eat the dish so we were able to enjoy all this combination of flavors.
The peculiarity of the restaurant is that Chef Virgilio had traveled around Peru and started using plants , seaweed, roots, vegetables and resins that where never used before as food. So there are more than 25 ingredients that come from Peruvian lands that have a unique tasting that our palate don’t know anything about, you can taste them in the best combination of style that Central kitchen can prepare!

Beside this unique experience we felt that all people in Peru prepare their food and serve it with love, that is the most important ingredient in every dish.

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