My Palette Haul – A Palette Lover’s Review!

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Another week, another post! This week I’m going to review some lovely palettes I bought not too long ago! I am a huge palette obsessive, I have over 100 different palettes for blushers, eyeshadows, contouring and lipsticks, to name a few! Not only are they convenient but they can also work out much more affordable than buying separates. I have also created palettes using a variety of single pans which is great but was more expensive!

What did I buy in this haul?

From top left to bottom right, here’s what I bought?

  • Free from Frizz Smoothie Kit
  • Freedom Pro Blush Palette Peach and Baked
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Chroming Stick
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette in Affirmation
  • Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat
  • Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Blush Queen

The Free from Frizz Kit

This is obviously not a palette, but I bought it in the same haul, so I wanted to include it! Inside the kit are 4 different hair products, all designed to tame frizz! I have frizzy roots on a regular basis, so I wanted to test this kit to see if it works – and it does! I only bought travel sizes but they all lasted a while – the kit includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a serum and a spray. I used all 4 products for 2-3 weeks without using other hair products and I have to say I could see the improvement in my hair condition very quickly and this continued for the entire testing period. My hair was smoother, silkier and noticeably less frizzy all over! I then ran out of the shampoo and conditioner, but I still use the serum and spray and they both still work well, together and separately with other shampoos and conditioners!

Freedom’s Peach and Baked Blushers

This is a lovely collection of Peach toned blushers! The 2 in the centre have a slight shimmer to them so they could even be used as highlighters, whilst the remainder are matte. In the palette they look very similar however as you can see from the swatches they are all different and the colour payoff is very good! I love using this palette for a more natural nude look and it will suit most skin tones. They also retain their colour throughout the day!

Makeup Revolution Chroming Stick

This highlighter stick is easy to use, and the pigmentation is very good, but you do need to apply a couple of swipes to ensure the colour shows fully. Its quite a dense formula rather than soft but it can be blended after application to create a soft glow wherever you want! I am a huge highlighter collector, and this is a nice addition to my selection, but I have to say I prefer powder versions to cream!

The Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette

I bought this palette because I loved all the neutral shades! It’s a great palette to create day to night looks and there is very little kick back and decent pigmentation, especially in the darker shades. There is a mix of shimmer and matte shades and all the eyeshadows are blendable with no patchiness. All in all, this is the perfect palette for those that love more natural and simple makeup and it will suit all skin tones.

The Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette

I LOVE this palette! I love bright colours and the mix in this palette is beautiful. All the shades are bright, very pigmented and slightly buttery and fall out is minimal. They can be used in sections as complimentary shades or mixed for more adventurous looks! I used this palette regularly before we hit the Winter months, and will no doubt use it throughout next Spring and Summer! If you love colour, then this palette is a must!

Makeup Revolution’s Blush Queen Palette

As much as I love Peach tones I also love Pink shades! I couldn’t resist buying this palette because the pink tones are so pretty and there’s a lovely mix of light and intense shades. As with the Freedom palette, a couple of the blushers can be used as highlighters due to a slight shimmer but in this palette, all the blushers marble 2 different colours too! You can see from the swatches what the final blusher shade looks like and they are all gorgeous! This palette will work for all skin tones too and the staying power of the blushers is particularly good.

So, are these palettes worth buying?

Yes, is the short answer! I have used all of them many times now and they perform every time. None of them is overly expensive and aside from the Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat palette they can be used all year round – that palette is more suited to the Summer months! They are also great for a starter makeup kit because of their versatility! If you have a love for palettes like me, or you are just starting to build your collection, I highly recommend these – they are worth it!

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