Thema for Art Basel

The project has been structured to maximize and promote the visibility of Influencers based in Miami, Europe and Italy and the 2 Instagram pages O-six eyewear and IGreen eyewear.

Content Marketing Activities

  • 2 articles promoting the Instagram pages, creating content based:
    • 1 on the brand and Art Basel initiative
    • 1 on the influencers social media promotion activity for the brand
  • 1 Extra article featuring O-Six eyewear within an Americanoize Fashion Editorial.

Influencer Marketing Activities

  • Instagram stories takeover (@Americanoize)
  • Instagram posts from influencers
  • Instagram posts from Americanoize

Likes & Comments

Cristina Musacchio22,000609
Vesta Lugg27,000194
Ivano Marino7,50032
Sophia Salaroli4,70022
Raffaele Marone7666
Hunter Hall8269

Engagement Rate

InfluencerAvg. Eng. RAteFor This Campaign
Cristina Musacchio1.75%2.27%
Vesta Lugg2.13%3.28%
Ivano Marino2.40%2.29%
Sophia Salaroli2.14%2.11%
Raffaele Marone1.94%2.20%
Hunter Hall3.72%3.79%

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