How to become a fashion blogger: a few tips for you.

So you are asking yourself how to become a fashion blogger? Here it is everything you need to know about it. Nowadays, we live in the technological era and social networks are part of us, in our daily routine. It became a must-have tool to use in order to show to freinds, family and strangers what you do, what you love, where you are and what you wear. It is now a lifestyle to inform “followers” through pictures, videos, boomerangs, etc. your interest. Recently, a new phenomenon, or better said, a new profession was born: the fashion blogger.

This professional figure transforms her/his name in a brand, she/he reivents herself/himself and she/he becomes a fashion icon. Moreover, if he/she is lucky and good enough at it, he/she will launch a trend in the fashion world.

What is a fashion blogger?

A fashion blogger is a figure that gained a importance in the last years and today it’s the undisputed protagonist of the fashion world. How did everything start? A lot of people that now are fashion bloggers started almost for fun: a few photographs, a smile and a branded bag.

They are passionate about fashion and choose to share their personal style on the web by talking about trends and news always from the point of view of their own taste.

How much do fashion bloggers make?

As easily predictable, the earnings vary enormously, according to the number of followers, the credibility, the type of audience reached and the ability to interact with the followers. The gap is huge, it can go from one hundred to ten thousand dollars for a post created in collaboration with a famous brand.

For example, if a fashion blogger exceeds one million followers on Instagram, then he/she can expect to be paid at least five thousand dollars for every single post.

How to become a fashion blogger?

The first quality, necessary to become a fashion blogger is the passion for fashion, then obviously it is very important to know how to communicate and therefore to be able to write in a clear and fluent way, finally it is necessary to know the basics of fashion, very important to avoid gaffes or errors that could compromise your credibility.

To become a successful fashion blogger it is essential to know how to move on social networks. Facebook is the privileged channel, due to its type of social engagement, following Twitter and Google Plus. Instagram deserves a special mention, because even though it has become, lately, one of the most popular social place for many and almost perfect for storytelling.

Becoming a fashion blogger is a dream for many people and after years of hard work for some, it is now finally their reality.

Here, we will indicate a few steps in order to become a fashion blogger:

  1. Believe in yourself

The first obstacle many people experience is the lack of support by those closest to them, whom don’t believe that blogging can become a job. This requires a lot of effort and with time, money can be earned but the most important thing is to always be passionate.

  1. Money

How does one begin with little or no budget? Fashion is about creativity, style and working with what is already available in your wardrobe. Having a wide variety of clothes to choose is nice but unecessary. In fact, limitation forces creativity and it show off the difference among other bloggers by creating original looks that are easily accessible to everyone.

Here’s a tip, wait for sales! Typically stores have sales at the beginning, middle and end of the year. If there’s a must-have item,  try waiting for the next sale to pick it up at a discounted price.

How to become a successful instagram blogger

How to become a successful instagram blogger

  1. Pictures

This is Instagram we’re talking about, right? You don’t need the latest camera on the market or an expensive one either. What you need to do is to be creative with your camera and use apps to edit your pictures. Ask a family member or a friend to volunteer as your photographer, just make sure to provide them with some creative guidance on how you would like your pictures to look like.

  1. Style

In addition, to the styling of your outfits, try applying the same filter or colors to all of your pictures. With time, your Instagram will look more organized.


Growing your audience is one of the most challenging parts. It requires patience but with time and dedication, your followers will grow, as people become more attracted to your style. It is crucial to use relevant hashtags related to fashion, in fact, it helps to gain exposure to a new audience. For example: #Fashion #Style #Blogger #FashionBlogger. Also, make sure to tag all of the brands in your photography and geotag locations, will also help engage new followers.

In conclusion, the fashion blogger space has become very competitive and it is very challenging for new bloggers to enter each day. However, the fashion blogger space is continuously evolving and there will always be plenty of opportunities for new names to enter.

We hope this article helps you and give you some clarification to start this adventurous journey.

Remember, it is not easy but just like any other job it requires a lot of patience and effort.

And last but not least, quoting a famous singer Freddie Mercury “You can be anything you want to be just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be”.

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