Altagama Workshop

The summit took place in Mexico City and the theme to be discussed was digital marketing for luxury brands in Latin America. Members of the Altagama organization created by Diego Stecchi in 2005, gathered in a unique opportunity to share ideas and concerns on how to navigate in this digital era.

The organization gathers luxury brands operating in Latin America becoming and exclusive think tank allowing members to learn from each other developing their business in the same region. As member Adma Kawage from Cartier mentioned “An enriching opportunity to analyze our industry’s current challenges and possibilities from a Latin American point of view, while sharing collective goals, establishing best practices and gaining valuable insights from our peers”.

AmericaNoize as media partner to Altagama supplied the conferences regarding the diverse themes surrounding digital strategies and business development though subjects such as influencer marketing and mobile first.

As an Influencer Marketing agency and online magazine AmericaNoize provided its own experts in each area to take a deep look on what’s coming next and how to be prepared in this evolving landscape. The conference imparted by Nicla Bartoli VP of sales regarding Influencer Marketing was one to take notice as members from the audience still felt a little skeptical in moving forward towards this type of activity.

The main concern was about creating believable content for users to feel more connected to their brands, which highlighted the importance on finding the right influencer for each brand and for each specific goal. Knowing each brands DNA and finding the right person to communicate it is key for a successful strategy.

Another concern from members that had already ventured in the influencer scene was converting their activities in ROI’s. But as Bartoli explained the benefits of participating in an online world where every activity can be measured as opposed to more traditional media such as print advertisement the members became more aware of the benefits in entering this type of investment to reach their goals.

The discussion shifted to the specifics in which algorithms can actually bring more insights than any other traditional marketing activities. As Stecchi moderated the conversation it was interesting to learn that most of the luxury brands in Latin America still focus their budgets mainly in traditional media and have a smaller percentage for online activities.

This was an eye-opening reality once Alessandro Bogliari, Head of Digital Marketing from AmericaNoize, talked about the mobile trends for 2018. As he said “Recent studies show that 56.6% of web traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones in 2017” suggesting that the importance of perfecting mobile structures for their businesses should be one of the main priorities for 2018.

Once again reinforcing the idea that influencer marketing should not be an option anymore but a reality in which all brands should be shifting their efforts to. As Endre Pech from Hugo Boss remarked “The event and presentations about influencer marketing were very interesting for us. Our main take is definitely the elimination of false stereotypes about the influencers and their role in our societies. As well as the spectacular ROI one can achieve if the influencer is well selected and truly committed to brand and the 360 project is well executed and monitored.”

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