The One Bone I Have To Pick With LC

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For those of you who don’t know, The Hills is my favorite guilty pleasure television show and Lauren Conrad (nicknamed LC) is one of my favorite celebrities.

Lately, I’ve been binge watching the show. They have the first season on On Demand, and so I rewatched the entire first season. And, it made me realize something: Lauren based a lot of decisions on guys. At least in the first season.

If you haven’t seen the show, Lauren was forever known as ‘the girl who didn’t go to Paris.’ She got that nickname, because instead of taking a once in a lifetime internship with Teen Vogue in Paris, she choose to spend the summer with then-boyfriend Jason Wahler. The couple broke up that summer, and in the second season, Lisa Love said that Conrad will be forever known as the ‘girl who didn’t go to Paris.’

However, that’s not the first time Conrad based a decision off of a guy. In the fourth of fifth episode, Lauren had to work a Teen Vogue shoot on Jason’s birthday just as they got together. The shoot was running late, and Conrad was getting nervous that she was going to miss his birthday dinner. She ended up leaving early — missing a couple of interesting shots — just to make it up to her. It did end up blowing up in her face — Jason ended up ditching her for his buddies and Conrad went home with Heidi and Jordan.

Watching that made me crazy. Lauren’s dream was to become a fashion designer — which of course is a goal that she accomplished as she has several different collections. Making it in the fashion industry is pretty difficult. In fact, getting an internship at Teen Vogue is pretty difficult. Getting the opportunity to assist on a shoot — and go to Paris, the Fashion Capital of the World — is something that she should have grabbed by the horns. Not many people would have those opportunities, let’s face it. By taking them, she would have been able to advance her career.

This makes me think about the kind of relationship Lauren had with Jason. If I had to work during my significant others’ birthday, then it wouldn’t be the end of the world. And, adding onto that, if I had to go somewhere for a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’d like to think that he would support me and be proud of the fact that I got it. Therefore, she should have been the girl to go to Paris.

The Hills
Whitney, Lauren, Audrina and Heidi

With that being said, let me just say this — Lauren was 19 when all of this happened. At 19, I’m pretty certain that she was still learning how to juggle being in a career and a relationship. And, in the later seasons, you see her doing so as she ends up going to Paris and doing an internship with Kelly Cutrone. So, therefore, we can just chalk that up to being one of those lessons that you learn as you experience different types of relationships.

Despite this though, Lauren Conrad still serves to be an excellent role model from the reality television circuit. She’s more than just some reality show star that made something of herself other than controversy. She has written books, has a successful blog and has multiple fashion line. And she does this elegantly and with class. That is something that is not easily done, and therefore, something that continues to make her a role model for me.

But, with that being said, learn from Conrad’s mistakes. Be the one that goes to Paris.

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