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When a woman walks into a department store and heads to the lingerie section, there’s a rather limited section that falls under the “nude” category. It’s generally a range from alabaster and pearl tones up to a still moderately light camel tone that light-skinned biracial girls can rock, if they’re lucky. But this small range of “nude” doesn’t even begin to represent the vast rainbow of naked bodies that makes up the reality of women all over.

Nubian-skinned goddesses and melanin blessed women of Sub-Sarahan regions have been getting seriously snubbed in the world of bras and panties, and it’s not ok.

The lingerie world, makeup and fashion industries all cater to one very small market of women that makes the simple act of shopping, a woman’s favorite guilty pleasure, a stressful act sending a terrible message to our young girls and women of today. Everyone deserves essentials, and more importantly, to feel empowered and sexy in their own skin – not like they don’t fit into a tiny box defining beauty.

Founder Ade Hassan decided to put an end to that unfair bias and lack of options within the industry with her empowering lingerie and hosiery brand Nubian Skin that redefines what “nude” means. The brand provides essentials to women of color with attention to detail, shading, and precision that imply wasn’t a mainstream option on the market, previously. She left the finance world to embark on the Nubian Skin journey, inspired by birthday card on her 29th birthday that told her to follow her dreams. Her #1 female role model was supermodel Iman, creator of Iman cosmetics and Fashion Fair to advance women of color in consumer industries.

The brand offers great descriptive shades such as “cafe au lait”, “cinnamon” and their darkest shade, “berry” (thanks to the phrase “the darker the berry the sweeter the juice”). Hassan revealed that the shades took up to year to develop, and she used the inspiration of makeup counter shades to tone-match, tweaking endlessly until the proper blue, red and yellow undertones. They also offer a range of sizes, encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to flock to the brand. The brand’s motto is

“Empowering Women. Embracing Your Colour”

, and we can defiantly say that this is the positive direction we want our lady leaders of the future to be  truly inspired by.

Celebrities like Jourdan Dunn and Beyonce have high praise for the inclusive intimacy brand, and the company’s Instagram account now has over 119k followers.  Most importantly, they’re affordable and popping up all over Nordstrom and other stores in sizes from XS-XXL. Clients can also order online directly from their site, as they ship all across North America. Nubian Skin is working on releasing larger cup sizes, and  just put out a line of pumps and flats. They now has a showroom in London and we can’t wait to see what this ground-breaking brand does next.

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