New Years’ Resolution And Other Ways To Start Your 2018 Flawlessly

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Happy new year everyone! Welcome to 2018. One of those years used in movies to show a future and sci-fi based civilization we (luckily, in my opinion) don’t live in yet. I love to think about the new year as a process needed for humans to push themselves to accomplish new things and give themselves goals to achieve and this is why I’m giving away these little tips to get over the first month of the year in the best way possible.

1.       What I’ve always found easy to work with and fun to manage every January of the last 10 years, are New Year’s resolutions. If you never wrote them, I think you’re lying. Every year, January comes with new hopes, new dreams, and possible accomplishments that seem easier to reach. I found myself writing them down, but if you’re not that kind of person, you can just picture new set goals in your head and try to make them come true and that definitely counts too.

2.       Another way to get the best out of the new year, that I find very interesting at the moment, is mood trackers. I started mine with the beginning of the new year after seeing a couple of friends on social media sharing theirs on the internet and they’re amazing. If you’re not the type of person who’ll remember coloring a square every day to monitor your mood, there are many apps that will do that for you. The main goal of mood trackers is to collect data of your mood so that you can try to deal with it with self-consciousness. I am currently trying to understand what days I feel happier in and what the reasons behind them are so that I will be able to live my year being as happy as I can most of the time.

3.       If you want to start off the new year with something new and that can make you travel the world more easily, I would also advise you to start learning a new language. It’s never too late to learn a new language in my opinion. I am saying this while my mom is currently taking classes to learn English and I am practicing my (very bad) Norwegian at least once a month. But I am also pretty sure most of my friends like to know more than one language and try to do so in their spare time. As I am writing this, I also know that on my new year’s resolutions list, there is definitely going to be more time spent trying to focus on learning new languages. Because if not in 2018, when?

4.       Last but not least, travel. Languages are not enough to explore cultures and their perks. With Christmas came Christmas presents and expenses, that’s true. But with January, you’ll come to a full-year of savings that you can finally invest into something amazing and I don’t know about you, but I think the best way to invest is investing in an adventure. This is why, I am currently booking my tickets to travel around the States this summer.

To be completely honest, I don’t think it matters if you’ll be able to accomplish all of the goals you give yourself at the start of a new year. However, I think the hope and strength that January gives people is important and precious. I can’t help but be hopeful that 2018 is going to be my year, and I’m pretty sure that it can be yours too if you believe in it.

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