New Trend #SeeThrough: Dress Plastic

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In the 1960s, plastic clothes existed thanks to the creation of flexible plastics, especially used for waterproof clothes.

There was great enthusiasm for futuristic clothing such as plastic raincoats, which were  lighter and cheaper and could also be manufactured in brilliant colors or made transparent or translucent.

This season, the coolest clothes and accessories come with their own protection.

Calvin Klein has created a trench coat to protect their precious garments, Miu Miu, Moschino and Salvatore Ferragamo has designed stylish accessories for dresses and bags.

To well understand  the phenomenon of the #seethrough TopShop launched a  $70 Moto Clear Plastic Straight Leg Denims that are cropped, #see-through skinnies that leave you completely uncovered from the waist to the ankle. The U.K. retailer boasts that these:

“Out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans” are “guaranteed to get people talking,” and they couldn’t be more appropriate.

Twitter exploded as soon as pix of those transparent pants went viral.

Many consumers have been chafing over consolation, since nothing makes you sweat like sporting a plastic tarp. That’s why some train fanatics work out in trash bags.

However Topshop, which hasn’t responded to requests for comment, appears to recognize simply how impractical synthetic slacks might be. The brand recommends:

The pants as a statement piece or for a costume party in the product description, rather than everyday wear.

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