The New Inflatable Travel Bags

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Do you struggle every time you need to storage your luggage after a holiday? No more problems with these new Inflatable Travel Bags!

There are dozens of light-weight journey bags in the marketplace that have been designed to offer thoughtful storage options when they aren’t in use, but Freitag has gone above and beyond with its new Zippelin.

These baggage are constituted of old truck tarpaulins, making every one utterly distinctive and one-of-a-kind. As such, the baggage may be rolled up tightly to store, and inflated with a regular pump to be used.

When the bag has been fully inflated, Zippelin forms a light, but extraordinarily durable travel bag with an eighty five-liter capability. The bag even has a set of wheels that can be removed at check-in and reattached for ease of transportation when one’s flight reaches its destination.

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