New Designers VS Big Fashion Names?

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Before start working in the fashion industry, I always saved money in order to invest them in renowned bag. It could be a Prada, a Gucci or a Valentino but the important thing was that it was a famous bag.

A bag can easily become a manifesto of the person who wear it.

After my entrance as an insider in the business of fashion, my way of thinking completely change. I am always to invest money in a timeless piece but I am more to give visibility to new talented designers.

During the years, I had the chance to meet and work with several upcoming designers with load of creativity and energetic vibes. Their pieces have nothing less than a product of a major. And also help a new brand to increase its visibility is an injection of fuel for them. Believe in the talent of a person is the most precious gift you can do.

So… drum rolls!

Today I will show you what are the bags from young designers you must enter in your wardrobe and why.

Prepare your credit cards, charge your Paypal account and shake your cash like a Polaroid picture because your hands are starting to itch from the desire of having them!


Nasha was founded in 2012 by Nasha Mekraksavanich. She was chosen by VOGUE ITALIA as VOGUE TALENTS 2013 and was the absolute winner in the first edition of Vogue Thailand “WHO’ ON NEXT?” competition in 2014. Some of the most famous re-seller like LuisaViaRoma, Selfridges, Fivestory NY and Club21 recognize the incredible value of her bags and started to sell them all over the world. Trendsetter like Anna Dello Russo, Ester Quek and myself too (lol!) fell in love with Nasha incredible pieces, that are all handcrafted with high quality materials. Nasha handbags have a strong attitude, are very eye-catching and refined. I spy the S/S 2018 collection and believe me, the fringed clutches are a real must have!

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Pittdar and Bhur

Born from two designers who belong to completely different fields, Pittdar and Bhur is renowned for the luxury quality and the glamorous shapes. Radical chic tote and eyed clutches can make any kind of look a statement one. They also made colorful foulards that can be used with the bag, like I did in the below photos. The pink little Ente tote is my favorite piece of the new S/S 2018 and is not hard to guess why!

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Central Library

Central Library clutches comes from Russia and if you enter their world you will come out completely amazed. They are magic and every clutch is really unique, no one is similar to the other as they are hand made. It can be the cover of a book or something you really love, everything can be customized and tailored on your needs. For mine, I choose The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the book of my life. Worldwide shipping available!

[bsc_alert type=”info” dismissible=”false”] Photographer : Valentina Frugiuele

Aren’t these some of the most promising bag brands you ever seen? I know that you are somewhere on the Internet trying to buy them!

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