Moon Eclipse Benefits: Balance your Sign

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If you you’ve never seen a solar eclipse before, you should make an effort to witness the breathtaking event on August 21. While only people in the US will be able to see the total eclipse – in which the moon completely blocks the light from the sun. On August 21, the moon’s shadow will travel west to east, South Carolina, at 16:09 Eastern Daylight Time. Lasting about two minutes and 40 seconds.

The solar (new moon) eclipse on August 21 arrives in Leo, the sign of glamour and the gilded royal.  And given the feminine moon’s very visible appearance, this eclipse could be the wake-up call for women to step into leadership roles.

How your sign have to balance during August’s eclipses:

Aries: Keeping your maverick spirit alive while still being a team player.

Taurus: Pursuing major goals without losing heart and soul.

Gemini: Speaking your truth without drowning out other perspectives.

Cancer: Keeping things straightforward and simple instead of getting lost in the complex weeds.

Leo: Curbing people-pleasing and looking for win-wins instead.

Virgo: Becoming curious about people who think differently instead of judging them.

Libra: Standing your ground in the face of groupthink.

Scorpio: Learning to be competitive AND compassionate—love thy “enemies.”

Sagittarius: Learning to enjoy the process instead of fixating on the grand goal.

Capricorn: Exploring the shadows instead of judging by the surface.

Aquarius: Remaining grounded in your own life, even while in relationship.

Pisces: Trusting your intuition instead of giving the wrong people “one more chance.”

Looking directly at the sun is unsafe . Wear  only special solar filters, such as certified eclipse glasses and restore your soul.

There will be a change.


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