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Can we all agree this is real? Do you feel it too? Well, my dear JETLAGADDICTS, I have to be honest, I do!

After all the craziness of a month like December and then all the traveling after that, its time to be back home. It’s time to start the usual routine and with that the terrible blues are back too!


Don’t you just need a vacation from the vacations? Oh gosh, I need it!

All these feelings kept me thinking, why is it so frustrating to start normal life again?
Hmm… What do I do to change that? I realize that I have always planned fun things to-do and that helps me start over with a happy feeling.

Isn’t this a good idea? Take my word friends: when the gray hour arrives after a wonderful Sunday, just think about all the cool things you have to do the following week. We all have a little kid inside; so make her happy and give her some candy!


Take your organizer and do your “FUN TO DO LIST”.

Only write things you’re exited about: meetings with people you know you’re going to learn something interesting from; the places you have to go to and you know will make you smile; that weekly coffee with your awesome friend.

I’m sure after this you’re going to bed with a little grin in your face!

In case you are into fashion like me, I have an extra tip for you.

Plan your outfit for the next day!


Visualize yourself having an incredible Monday with that powerful suit you’re going to put on. Wear a color that gives you energy, think about the small details… choose those earrings you love so much, or wear the new shoes you have in your closet and make that day a special one. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything WOW to do. At the end the import thing is to feel different. You are the center of your universe and when you feel great everything goes smoothly. Even if you have problems, you will take them in a more positive way.

Hopefully this will make a difference next Monday!


With all my JetlagLove,

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