Meghan Rienks Tattoos – A global sensation?

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Meghan Rienks tattoos are everywhere. It’s barely impossible to go anywhere near YouTube or Instagram without seeing the latest addition to the teen idol’s tattoo collection. Now it’s also possible for younger fans to follow her footsteps. Entrepreneurial types have latched on to the sensational Meghan Rienks and are now offering temporary versions of the tattoos that have so quickly become world famous.

Meghan Rienks tattoo on her arm

It’s now been over five years since Meghan Rienks made her joking ‘first tattoo’ post on her Instagram account. Whilst that particular photo only managed to notch up around 400 likes, her more recent postings have found themselves in a somewhat different league. A 2014 video where the YouTuber gives her fans a guided tour of her tattoos, piercing and other body accessories has notched up over 1.7 million views so far. There is no doubt about it, people out there are into Meghan Rienks tattoos and, unsurprisingly, there’s no shortage of fans who want to get a little bit of the look they love on their own bodies, even if it’s just for a little while through the use of a temporary tattoo.

Meghan Rienks tattoos on her chest

It’s amazing how quickly a new Meghan Rienks temporary tattoo can be turned around. Within a week of the star posting a YouTube video, you’ll find that there are Pinterest boards, Twitter messages and other social media locations that point you to a website where you can get yourself inked for real. Many high profile tattoo artists also report a spike in demand for similar designs after a new YouTube video from Meghan goes live. There’s no denying that there’s a massive appeal in following in the footsteps of a big YouTube star and Meghan Rienks is clearly the person of the moment. So, are you ready to get tatooed?

Meghan Rienks tattoos on her hand

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