Magic Tricks To Fight Stress

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What I hate the most about stress is the way it affects my mood and my personality altogether. In fact, when it comes to stressful days, I can’t help but be grumpy and surly towards everyone. I always feel like it turns me into someone I’m not and this is why I’ve always tried to find infallible tricks that would help me get through it.

This is why during the last few years, I developed some kind of techniques that help me get through times in which I’m under too much pressure. And I hope this little guide will help you feel less stressed too.

1. Make lists.

I know it might sound strange or pointless, but what I love the most about days full of errands to run is the idea of ticking a box out of a long list that it seemed endless to start with. Plan on doing many things, so many that even ticking half of them by the end of the night, will make you feel better about yourself. I swear it will make you feel better.

2. Give yourself good and long breaks.

What I find very important to get through when it comes to long days like the one I’m experiencing right now, is the idea of watching a movie after dinner. It won’t make you feel bad about yourself to have some time for yourself. Even if it is at the end of the day, or during lunch, or with a cup of tea in the afternoon, having a set time for a relaxing task, will make you concentrate more for the more boring stuff.

3. Talk to someone.

I’m not talking about a shrink, or if you have one, then go for it, I found that helping too in the past. But speaking to your best friend, a relative, a stranger on the internet, about the stress you’re going through, I’m sure will help. If not in the long-run, it will definitely do so in the short-run and it’s worth a try.

4. Take a bath, have a glass of wine, or make good tea.

Whatever treat you enjoy the most, will help you get through the day or the week, or the month that is ahead. It sounds stupid but a particular scent or kind of chocolate can literally change my mood for the better and I hope it will do the same for you. It doesn’t matter if you do it during your break or while finishing something you really need to get done, but these little treats I’m sure will help you.

5. Breathe.

There are so many exercises that you can find online for breathing, did you know that? YouTube tutorials, Facebook pages! And even if you feel stupid about it, try to relax with different types of breathing. If you’re not into breathing as I am, you can still go for a walk, a run, go to the gym, and I’m pretty sure breathing in those situations can help you too.

These are just some of the many tricks I use to get over stressful times. I hope they will help you in any way, if possible. Try to breathe at most times, even if it sounds difficult. Try to get away from it all for a bit, if you can.

Just remind yourself of one thing: we all get through it, we all feel stressed and I’m pretty sure you’ll find out 90% of the people you’re going to talk to is going through the same amount of stress you’re going through.

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