Magic City Holiday: Top 5 Elegant Miami Hotels

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Miami. It’s not called the Magic City for nothing. Great weather year-round; glistening beaches; happening nightlife; beauty everywhere. Now that most of the country will be deep in the throes of winter, why not spend the Holidays in one of these five elegant Miami hotels:

1) The Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau Miami Hotels

Miami Beach’s crown jewel. Where classic elegance meets modern luxury in every aspect of the hotel from the moment you go through the front doors. Hugging the Atlantic on one side and situated on Collins Avenue on the other, Fontainebleau accentuates Millionaire’s Row with that unique curvilinear design created by famed architect Morris Lapidus. Indulge in its five-star restaurants, incredible pools, relaxing spas, bustling nightclubs (LIV anyone?) and spacious rooms. At some point, you may even forget Miami Beach is an entire city you have yet to explore.

2) Mondrian

Mondrian Miami Hotels

Not many people realize that Miami Beach has two oceanfronts. And if the Fontainebleau is the jewel on the Atlantic, then the jewel on Biscayne Bay is the Mondrian. Just as you step in, you’ll recognize the clean elegance. No extreme ornamentation or color schemes. Just pure glass with excellent views of the Bay from every corner.

3) Faena Hotel

Faena Miami Hotels

From the classic staples, let’s move to the go-to modern destinations. Exhibit A? Faena Hotel. The brainchild of Argentine developer, Alan Faena, this hotel brings a unique museum feel not seen in other hotels. With designs from Baz Luhrmann (yes, that Baz Luhrmann), you’re immediately swept away by the brilliant colors; ornate gilded halls; and contemporary artwork pieces that include a gold-plated mammoth skeleton. Their cutting-edge restaurants and bars like Los Fuegos or Saxony Bar close out a truly avant garde, new Miami experience.

4) East Miami

East Miami Hotels

Step away from Miami Beach and enter the Magic City Lifestyle with East Hotel. Located in Downtown Miami in the prime location of Brickell City Centre, East provides a modern boardroom elegance that still connotes a Mad Men flair. With the Brickell banking center close by and an upscale shopping center even closer, East is THE Downtown Miami hotel.

5) Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Miami Hotels

As a small offshoot on the side of Biscayne Boulevard, Brickell Key provides the best island getaway from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami. Here, you’ll find the Mandarin Oriental overlooking Biscayne Bay. Mandarin provides a relaxing environment that overwhelms the senses. From the infinity pool to the spas and restaurants, the calming, luxurious ambience at Mandarin will bring you the serenity you seek.

Whichever of these Miami hotels you end up choosing, there is no question the 305 offers an elegant Holiday escape as magical as the season itself.

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