Going nude on Instagram is dangerous territory. First, Instagram will likely take the photo down, depending on what’s showing, and second, you’re nude! But celebs have a fun way of skirting around this to show what they want without being offensive to their audience, for the most part. In fact, they tend to do so rather tastefully in our opinion. Here are our favorite #topless celebs.

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1.      Kim Kardashian.

She received a lot of flack for this photo, but we actually kind of love it, especially since this was from her first round of going blonde.

2.      Emily Ratajkowski.

She practically started the trend of going nude on Instagram, since she has so many semi-dressed shots. And with a body like hers, who could blame her?

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3.      Rihanna.

What? She’s just showing off her iconic tattoo. Rihanna is queen and we certainly won’t forget it.

4.      Kate Hudson.

She is the epitome of a free spirit, so we weren’t surprised at all when she posted this gorgeous and tasteful nude portrait of herself in the light of a window. Now, we want one of our own!

5.      Chrissy Teigen.

She is the light of Instagram’s life and proves it with her coy and fun Instagram’s including on where she’s fully nude and perched on a chair as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

Which topless celeb photos are your favorites?

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