I am from Miami and I am a Fitness Lover. And yes, I just love avocado.

Americanoizers, when you drop on the Filthy Mouth Creative Instagram page you splash back in the 80”s pop culture. Brooke Olimpieri is a photographer, art director and fashion stylist with a precise identity. She just shoots in 35mm film. Her style is romantically nostalgic. Let’s listen to her voice!

Grow Now

Name: Brooke
Lastname: Olimpieri
Gender: Female
Pronoun: She-Her

Who am I: Im a lot of things, I am a dog mom, a wife, a photographer, a stylist, and a professional chef (lol, not really) but I do love to cook.

My idea of happiness: Shooting a campaign in southern California on a sunny day, and then going home to meet my husband for a glass of wine and some dinner, fast forward to being in bd with my two dogs.

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My early influencers: I have always been super inspired by music and film. I have a die hard love of 90’s hip hop like Salt-n-Pepa and early Lil’ Kim.

Things that inspire me: Tequila

My first big break was shooting with/for: I don’t know to be honest. Every job I have been hired for I am thankful for equally. I believe that when someone pays me and allows me to create a story for their brand, its an opportunity to show them what I can do.

What makes a good picture: I believe that a good photo really makes you feel something. It should make you think, not just pass by.

My favorite photo: I have no idea. I have a lot of favorites.

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In my free time I like: to chill with a cold and slightly dirty martini

My icon models are: KATE freakin’ Moss baby.

The fashion brand I die for: CHANEL

The fashion brand I would love to shoot for: So many… Chanel, YSL, Alexander Wang

The adv campaign i would like to achieve: Bud Lite

My relationship with Instagram: LOVE / HATE, but mostly love

My relationship with influencers: I don’t really work with “Influencers” I try to work with models only.

My opinion on millennials: They are like masters at marketing nothing and everything.

The worst question is: What app is that.. Referring to my photos and the texture and color. My answer.. film, actual analog film. No app necessary.

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Thank you Brooke!


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