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Fendi has been an iconic brand for the past 90 years. But for a lot of young women, Fendi simply represents a trendy brand for their moms or sisters. Fendi was able to figure that out, and so they created a new younger sister for their millennial audience.

Grow Now

F is for Fendi is their newer digital platform to target the younger crowd and their lifestyle needs in a magnificent rebranding makeover. Its scattered with interviews with it girl musicians, spotlights of cafes in Amsterdam and profiles on trending millennials, amidst other eclectically curated content.

F is for Fendi includes a website and app, divided into five sections. In “Faces”, you find ambassador and models profiles. In “Freedom”, your wanderlust gene will go crazy for city guides, while “Fearless” is a musician and artist hub. Finally “Fulgore” is for editorials, and “Freaks” is for the manifesto.

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One thing that Fendi is world-renowned for it is furs, and they’ve been able to revamp that trend into something stunning on influencers such as Kendall Jenner. Its like tumblr and Instagram meets high fashion in the best way possible.

The fashion house also has its newly released and first genderless t-shirt with a unisex shape and a Ring of The Future motif in black and yellow. The attempt to reach out to the quickly growing androgynous market was also a clever decision.

The content on F is for Fendi is very social media friendly, and even the format of the site encourages a mobile aesthetic that’s very user-friendly for those scrolling through their phones. There’s even a separate Instagram tab. Every carefully curated image on the site was actually shot with an iPhone 7, which we love.

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Fendi is also realizing a smart branding tactic that most companies hav adopted today – branded content. The print industry is dying, and this way of business is the future of engagement, the holy grail of consumers in today’s interactive and personalized  consumer environment.

While it’s an obvious attempt for an older brand to target a younger customer, we weren’t sure if tons of twenty-something year olds were reaching into their pockets to indulge in five-figure fur coats.

But surprisingly, nothing is sold on F is for Fendi. It’s just a communication lifeline between Fendi and millennials to keep them interested. After all, young people are always looking for a new way to express themselves, and this is an authentic interpretation of that. While this platform is innovative, its also decidedly hip and a strategic marketing brand to freshen up Fendi, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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