Hi all, Pom Pom Chewy here, coming at you again with another hot topic!

We’ve had a lot of articles, discussion, and arguments about feminism, equality, and treating other people a certain way.

As a single male pup who loves to meet people and date I thought I would write a list of a few basic rules on how to treat women that you meet in the public.

1. Talk to her not at her

I feel like this doesn’t need to be said but hey I don’t want to assume you know this already (but you probably should, like seriously). When engaging in a conversation with a woman do not talk over her, do not interrupt her, and do not only talk about yourself. Ask questions and involve yourself in the conversation.
Pro Tip: for the love of god do not talk about other women… or stocks for that matter unless she has clearly stated an interest in stocks… let’s add your gym routine to this list as well, that’s second date material.

2. Don’t expect anything

Men, including myself, expect a lot, that’s the way we’ve been raised and it’s a hard pattern to break. We expect respect, we expect our jokes to be laughed at. Do not, I repeat do not expect anything from your date or from anyone else for that matter.

3. Opening the door

I love having the door opened for me, don’t you? This isn’t a gendered thing this is a human thing. If you’re first to the door OPEN the door! Really that simply. First = Open

4. Paying the bill

Did you know that 74% of women offer to pay the bill so they won’t feel obliged to do anything else? Come on people it’s almost 2018, everyone should feel comfortable on a date. The rule of thumb I follow when it comes to paying is the person who does the inviting does the paying. Period. That’s common curtesy. If she insists on paying let her as you would any other human or dog male.

5. Stupid advice

It’s all about the chase for guys
Men make the first move
Don’t show a lot of interest as a woman

ALL STUPID ADVICE! I’m over ghosting and stashing and breadcrumbing and all the other games that people play with each other. Honestly, how much time do you have on your hands? If you can do all this you can just as easily be volunteering or picking up a second job. Be honest with each other and most importantly accept other people’s honesty.

6. End of the night

It is a kind thing to do to offer to drive your date home or walk her to the door but DO NOT push it if she says no. It is not your job to ensure she is safe but it is your responsibility as a human to offer.

7. The next day

If you go for a job interview do you send an email the next day following up? I do! It’s nice, it’s logical, and it keeps you on their mind. Do the same with a date. Check in, say good morning, keep it nice and easy.


8. The last rule and maybe the most important

I don’t want to hear the sentences: not all men, men are discriminated against too, or male privilege doesn’t exist, come out of your mouth. Ever. Never.

When in doubt on how to treat a woman I always fall back on a fav article I read: If you notice yourself starting to act weird or treating your date differently than you would a male friend picture Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in front of you. Really, it works.


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Peace and love ✌

Pom Pom Chewy


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