We are all mad ( hatters ) here Alice.

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Since I was a young girl “Alice in Wonderland” was one of my favorite books and my favorite character was, and still is, the Mad Hatter.

I also watched the movies “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice through the Looking Glass” and I truly think that the film director couldn’t find a better actor for the Mad Hatter than Jhonny Depp. I mean… can you tell me a more suitable actor than him? When I heard the rumors about the first movie I told myself “ Please tell me that will be Depp the Mad Hatter” … Lol I was taken in consideration!!

This is impossible… Only if you believe it.

The Mad Hatter is a character full of truth and wisdom but I am sure you know about what he is so famous!

Yes, his hats is pretty obvious!

The hat was born to cover the head from cold weather or dangerous sunbeams but today we can easily say that one of the uses is purely aesthetic and when it comes to be frivolous and light I am in the first line.

Now I am sure you just had the idea to buy a brand new hat that could be absolutely outstanding and let you feel a little bit like the Mad Hatter… Luckily I was just around the corner when you gave birth to that amazing idea 😉

Gladys Tamez Millinery

First of all you have to know that Jhonny Depp and Lady Gaga wear Gladys Tamez hats and they are true fan and lovers of them. About Queen Gaga the wide-brimmed pastel pink hat worn on the Joanne album cover was by Gladys Tamez. All the hats are handmade in Los Angeles using artisanal expertise that blends American and European millinery techniques. The brand also offer a Bespoke service where the person can be become active part in the creative process of the hat, deciding also about the materials, customizations, accessories and look. While the Ultra-Premium Bespoke service is when the designer herself comes to your house or your hotel for a fitting with a selection of samples and catalogs.

Ruslan Baginskiy

Based in Kiev and loved by Chiara ferragni, Bella Hadid, Kaya Gerber, Romee Strijd and Carine Roitfeld, Ruslan hats are the most trendy at the moment. And these kind of women are his main source of inspirations… Bold, fierce, glamorous and indipendent. But he finds ideas also in the architecture and geometric world, in vegetation, animals and sea. Personally, I am completely obsessed with the edgy leather baker boy hat, is a true must to have. The shop is not yet online but you can order them through email or Whatsapp ( ruslanbaginskiy@gmail.com +380639824244 ) and the shipping is worldwide. I have no more reason to not own one!

Federica Moretti

Federica Moretti’s label was born in Milano in 2006 and is one of the most beloved Italian millinery brands. Every single hat is the result of a timeless class and are precious objects that can decor your head. High quality materials and deep focus in details made them unique and eye-catching. The buyer of Luisaviaroma trust her talent and still today Federica’s hat are selling in the worldwide online shop.

Alicia Bleye

The first time I saw an Alicia Bleye creations I thought about foreign lands, a trip without a destination, something adventurous and glorious. Boho and with a gipsy influence with contamination of the magic world, Alicia’s pieces can really let you travel in the direction you want your life to go. With one of her hats on your head you can feel the power of do whatever you want and whatever it takes. Embellishes with chains, feathers, applications and, above all, spirit the Bleye hats can be the perfect companion of a whole life. Oh did I mention that the international influencer Madame DeRosa is her big fan?

Francesco Ballestrazzi

An histrionic talent acclaimed by The New York Times, Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, Harper’s Bazaar Us, Flair, Glamour and much more, Francesco Ballestrazzi pieces are not related to the old idea of simple hats. They are pieces of art and are all handmade by the designer himself. A visionry talent that goes beyond limits and limitations, a talent that sinks its roots in the Italian tradition but with an eye projected in the future thanks to new innovative techniques. created by him.

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