LikelyAI: the Software that Predicts the Popularity of Your Instagram Posts

 In Americanoizing, Influencers

With smartphones all the time by our side, snapping 10 pictures of a similar scene is an more and more frequent practice, which is why “LikelyAI” was developed, an artificially intelligent tool which sorts through your picture library, predicting which of your photos will obtain probably the most engagement on social media.

LikelyAI was created by a young and goal-oriented team full of enthusiasm for machine learning and AI.┬áThe app works via a deep image analysis, which makes use of an algorithm that evaluates every chosen photograph. Utilizing artificial intelligence, the software selects the picture which is predicted to generate the most likes, comments and overall engagement. The service additionally offers an insightful overview which gives quantitative info regarding your popular posts, providing insights into what objects, feelings and colors receive the most interest from you followers. We at Americanoize can’t wait to try it out!

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