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Dear Americanoizers, the new Saturday column is here also this week! The Like Factor is about the best and worst outfits out there and this week we want to rate some Street Styles. Our 3 Fashion Experts will give a vote from 1 to 10 and comment each week 6 different outfits. So let´s present our Jury first!

The Jury of this Week:

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Outfit 1 – Jaden Smith

Jonathan: 10/10

Love his perception of fashion and not being able to distinguish between men and women’s clothing – typical of him -. Whatever he wears he adds his je ne sais quoi touch!

Lola: 3/10

Omg were is the t-shirt?! Or the muscles? Or t-shirt or muscles baby!

Daniela: 10/10

I just adore Jaden and his zero f*cks given vibe…you know what they say “changing style one overall at a time

Outfit 2 – Jared Leto

Jonathan: 1/10

Jared Leto is an incredible actor, this much is true. But when it comes to fashion, he has no idea what he’s doing… Must agree with GQ awarding Jared Leto the title of world’s worst dressed man.

Lola: 6/10

Nice but everybody had this outfit in the last 5 years. 

Daniela: 10/10

Can I just steal his whole outfit- minus the beard- please?

Outfit 3 – Katy Perry

Jonathan: 9/10

What I love about this look? Perry is always unafraid to take risks in creating a style that is uniquely her own. The final result: she’s constantly catching eyes and turning heads.

Lola: 8/10

Love it, fresh and the combination of the colors is perfect!

Daniela: 8/10

Everything in life is just perspective and I don’t think I have the precise one, right now.

Outfit 4 – Victoria Beckham

Jonathan: 10/10

There really isn’t anyone who is more posh than Victoria Beckham; I think a a bad fashion day for her is as rare as her smiling at the paparazzis. With this look she remained true to her posh aesthetic, rocking the trend with a classic pair of white sneakers.

Lola: 6/10

Nice but, too much masculine, with some rock and feminine accessories will be better!

Daniela: 10/10

The perfect genderless outfit for me, plus I really want her knowledge on white-sneaker-maintenance

Outfit 5 – Zendaya

Jonathan: 10/10

Is she so cool? Must agree with the higher the fashion risk = the greater the pay off.

Lola: 5/10

No baby, this shoes are completely out. With highest shoes in this sporty outfit she will be awesome. 

Daniela: 10/10

Pulling three challenging trends in the most exquisite way: crop top + 2000 sweats + shearling shoe=   well, you’re Zendaya, do whatever.

Outfit 6 – Rihanna

Jonathan: 4/10

She’s not afraid of mix and match to create a daring new trend but this time I think she was attending a Sunday brunch but late at night… Brunch or Club?

Lola: 8/10

Fresh and good style too!

Daniela: 10/10

For all I care Rhianna could wear my dirty laundry for the Grammys and I still would applaud her, talk about personal style

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