When Life Gives You Lemons, Put A Good Pair Of Sunglasses On!

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In my life has happened that I came out from home without something really necessary but I can’t remember a single time that I didn’t had a pair of sunglasses in my bag or on my face.

Sunglasses were born to hide the eyes from the ray of sun but today are, above all, an object of desire and a manifesto of the person himself.

For some people sunglasses are something simple but for me they are part of the whole look and, as every other piece of my outfit, represent my daily mood. I am what is common called a Sunnies Maniac and it is translated in the fact that I have a huge collection of sunglasses. I am more to invest in valuable pieces rather than cheaper ones, also because the UV rays can damage the eyes if they are not protected in the right way… so not only a frivolous things but also a matter of health. ( P.S: This a good excuse to indulge in that pair of Gucci sunnies that I know you love :] )

In a huge universe of fashionable and extremely cool sunglasses, is really important to stand out. Big fashion names collections are always breathless but what about emerging designers ones? I am passionate about them and so I have searched for you some of the most beautiful sunglasses that will come straight to your Christmas wishlist!

Luisa Leitao.

Fierce, bold and outrageous feminine, the label was founded in 2015 by Maria Luisa Leitao. The designs is completely innovative with sculptural shapes and with a deep work behind the lens sizing and proportion. Not a simple pair of sunglasses but a work of art.

Percy Lau.

Percy Lau was founded in Hong Kong in 2013 and was the youngest winner of International Talent Support YKK Award of the same year. The sunglasses are unique, with a detailed craftsmanship. The shapes are creative and cool, very avant-garde that can take you to a futuristic dimension.


Handmade in italy but thought in Berlin, Kuboraum sunglasses are the masks that highlight the personality of the person who wear it and owning a pair can be translated with coming to life again and accepting the challenge to free your mind and identity. A declaration of courage and a specific No to fear. I am like I am and I am free.

Smoke X Mirrors.

The vibrating heart of New York City is one of the main character of the Smoke X Mirrors sunglasses collection. Like the city itself, the sunnies are an unstoppable flow of innovation, possibilities and are absolutely multicultural. A result of experiments that lead the brand to be one of the most pop in the fashion panorama.

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