The Impact of the LGBT Community of South Korea

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Korea is trying to keep up with the rest of the world, or at least with the countries who are accepting and welcoming towards the LGBT community. In fact, the portions of South Koreans who oppose homosexuality fell below 50%, for the first time ever.


Already known as one of the most modern and progressive countries in the world, South Korea used to make people turn their nose up because of the massive gap between their claim to be advanced and their actual not-so-open-minded mentality. At least when it comes to the LGBT community which has always been a hot topic in South Korea and only now is seeing the first essential changes in the way they are perceived and accepted.

According to the data collected by the Korea Institute of Public Administration, only in 2017, the percentage of adults who was against homosexuality reached almost 58%. However, the percentage has been decreasing at a reasonable rate since 2013 when the people against homosexuality were 62.1% of the population. 2019, with these crystal clear results, marks just another yet important milestone for LGBT people. An important sign of the growing openness to sexual minorities.

The poll also pointed out how Korean women seem to be less accepting and welcoming towards homosexuals in relation to men who seem more open to it. An opposite tendency compared to the majority of other countries in which usually women are pointed out for being more accepting and supportive.

The consistent decrease of opposition to homosexuality is indeed an encouraging trend also boosted thanks to South Korean celebrities. Many k-pop idols started talking more openly about how homosexuality, and other minorities as well, are perceived in other countries and how they perceive it themselves boosting support and acceptance.

Only in 2017, the k-idols world witnessed the debut of the first openly gay south Korean idol: Holland. The impact he had was indeed, and worldwide he has been a hot topic since then, receiving much support from people who recognized how strong yet revolutionary his debut was.

We can confidently say that 2018 was one of the real turning points. A movie hit the market, became the most-talked movie ever and everything while portraying one of the most loved and iconic public figures ever: Bohemian Rhapsody with the honest portrayal of Freddie Mercury. His sexuality and the strong message the movie embodies were a real game-changer in the South Korean society.

With the growing conversation on topics related to homosexuality and the LGBT community, the social acceptance is growing as well making South Korea a more open-minded country whose decreasing homosexuality’s hostility sound very promising.

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