Let’s Start The New Year Right (And Fit)

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The year ends and as usual the rain of resolutions comes to be a better person in the year that begins. And since I have to feel that I’m soaking wet with that rain, I considered it necessary to make my list of purposes in the following dimensions.

There are many types of purposes; those that I directed to my interior: to be a more spiritual being, to be honest with myself, to have more self-love, to forget, to forgive, to rediscover, to evolve, to love in a healthy way, to be more selective of whom I love, etc.

Other purposes are directed to my sense of success: work harder, start something mine, have a blog (the subject is surprise), get up early every day to give it hard and not let the laziness invade me, have personal successes that translate to professional successes and start my cycle of working hard for what I want to achieve.

There are also those that I sent directly to the part of my brain that is responsible for making me enjoy and relax: I want to travel more, see things that amaze me, try different food, learn to paint, improve my culinary skills, read more, learn to embroider, go dancing, and especially committing myself to really practice this that makes me enjoy and disconnect from the outside to connect with myself.

Finally I soaked the part of my character that develops and maintains habits, and I decided to try for the thousandth time to stop biting my nails (I’m biting them while I write this text), have a better diet and exercise more (when I say “more” I mean to start, because I do not do anything).

Said the above I want to emphasize in how difficult it is to be a “healthy” person, because of course the salads are usually cheap, but I have been looking for a gym for days and the results are as follows: Pay an enrollment of an average of $78 usd, after pay the monthly fee of $62 usd, now it turns out that you have to have an electronic card so nobody has to open the door and has an extra cost of $21 usd, but of course that card has to be activated and activated for $8 usd. There are some who because they are January and know that people are going to get almost rolling to ask for reports (as is my case) have certain discounts, but for the purpose of being able to complain, they are not going to be applied in my final sum.

So summarizing entering a gym today would cost me approximately $169 usd (approx $3,3000 Mexican pesos), probably for many who are reading me this amount seems a joke and easily payable, and it is true that it is not totally inaccessible and that I could pay, but the point is not that, if not the why ?, why the hell is so expensive to exercise? I personally can not train watching videos in my house or with an application, call me loose or rare but I need a physical being telling me that I have to “chingarle” (as we say in Mexico to make a big effort). It’s more being honest to me I do not like gyms, the stereotype of an ultra strong trainer putting a routine in the machines makes me want to die of boredom, I’m more of specific classes, dance classes, box, spinning classes, etc….

Now you wonder, if you hate gyms, why do you want to get into one and not try to get into a class? Do not believe I did not do my research, spin class $232 a month, barre $258 usd a month, and so on until I came to the conclusion that many gyms included these classes and it was much cheaper to pay that and have access to 2 or 3 class options.

There were some old days when I was a crossfit junkie, were times when it was not so fashionable and monthly paid $52 usd a month for 3 classes a week, I guess some of you went through that or you are in that stage, and it was a sport where after two weeks I saw results in my body, I could carry (with my skeletal arms now) almost 60 kg while doing a squat, I felt like a superhero, it was obvious that I was going to Go crazy and obsessed with all the paraphernalia of sport, protein shakes, dinner of abundant tuna, chicken, etc … buy sports clothes for each day of the week, special tennis, competitions, and as well as an obsessive person, think and talk all day of crossfit. Unfortunately, as many people warned me, I got hurt and the doctor forbade me to return to practicing sports.

Then having told my last addiction, with the intention of making myself feel better by motivating me with a classic “yes you can”, I return to the position of how difficult it is to be able to exercise. I do not know if it is because it is fashionable, or because finally unanimously we are aware of the importance of being overweight or if gyms conspire against those of us who are lazy with sports intent and know that it is the purpose of the new year of many like me, but it is complicated to want to be a “fit” person.

Besides everything, the general economy of the people suffered some damage in the past month, because if it was not your collaboration in Christmas dinners, it was the gift for the exchange of the office, or the secret friend, or the gift for your Popes or siblings, or the detail for your grandmother, or that gift super wise for your partner, not to mention the obvious expense of you are on vacation and you spend visiting bars and restaurants, there are also several lucky ones who had the opportunity to travel . So yes, for obvious reasons, to a greater or lesser degree, your debit or credit card, or that bill that you have in your wallet, is looking to hide so as to cost you a bit of work to spend.

So my invitation is the following, if you own a gym or a class center, one of your purposes for this new year should be to give opportunity to people whose purpose is to exercise that they can meet their goal, I understand that as owner you incur expenses, but believe me you can probably get many more subscribers if you lower your prices a little and give us the opportunity to be part of your community. And for civilians and normal people like me do not lose hope, there are many applications to do sports that can possibly serve you, infinite videos on YouTube to move the skeleton, but if you are like me and you are looking for group pressure (hahaha) do not abandon your purpose, something will come, possibly your purpose has to start to be fulfilled in the Chinese calendar year change, and there is no problem, the first step is already in you, accept that you need to exercise not only to look good or have abs of envy, or a body of any angel of Victoria’s Secret (in case you are female), rather to feel healthy and strong, to know that you will not get panting every time you climb a ladder and that if you have to run for your life can reach more speed than a dog.

And if you happen to live in Querétaro and you know a gym or a fun class that is good, beautiful and cheap, do not hesitate to write me and help me fulfill my New Year’s resolution.

I wish everyone that this year 2018 is full of success, laughing, dancing, delicious different food, travel, adventures, reunions, new friendships, infinite opportunities to enjoy, work and personal achievements, love, family, health and above all, may everything that comes to your life fill you with immense happiness.

I am infinitely grateful and happy to be able to write and that there are some who read me.

Ahí nos vemos!

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