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Women footwear has undergone a tremendous evolution. Women have become more adventurous with their shoe choices than ever before. Shoes are a great part of a woman’s outfit, and they pay a lot of attention to shoes when they are putting an outfit together. In general, a shoe is an important detail of a person’s image whether male or female, and it should be given the utmost respect it deserves. Wearing an elegant dress as a woman and a less than perfect shoe can spoil the whole look and make all the investment you made in the dress worthless. Therefore, it is important to think about what you are wearing on your feet before you step out of the house. These are the latest ladies footwear designs;


These are the new designer shoes which made their debut in 2016 in the runway. Christopher Kane designs them. In 2017, he introduced his latest modification of these glamorous shoes in London. They feature a low shoe decorated with jewels. They come in different colors including Pepto pink, bulldozer yellow black or white combination and aqua. They go well with crayon red gowns and lace-laddered dresses. They present wearers with a great way of making a fashion statement and can be worn to occasions such as weddings.

Plastic sandals (jellies)

These shoes had made a comeback after entering the market in the 90s when they enjoyed massive support from consumers. Designers such as Emporio Armani have designed incredible plastic footwears.


Platforms are also sneaking back into the fashion scene and providing women with a wide variety of shoes especially during the summer. Designers such as Mary Katranzou have created outstanding platform shoe designs and showcased them at the London fashion week in 2017. Some platforms feature the classic black color, and others have leather strands. There are even platform-wedge designs.


Erdem has introduced fancy heels designs which are worn with stockings for an elegant look. Other trends are the glove heels and block heeled shoes.


Sneakers with great designs have emerged this year such as sneakers in the adorable pink color and embroidered ones.


Boots have become more colorful and eccentric lately. Some of the designs that took center stage this year include the shiny boots (high-shine boots, bejeweled knee-high boots), red ankle boot, 70s laced up and suede, statement OTK boots, slouchy knee-high boots, and the hiker boots. Combat boots were also trending this year. They are perfect for girls who like to add an edge to their appearance.


Espadrilles have experienced an upgrade as well this year. There are a variety of trends you can choose from including the belted barellinas, Chiara wedges, and slides (Gucci supreme slides, leather slides, sulodos knotted slide sandals.


Mules are a must have during summer. Gucci has a great selection of mules from stripped heel type to buckled white pair.

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