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‘Ça va sans dire’ would say a french: style is subjective. And in no way, we could’ve ever fit every well-dressed male idol in this Top 10. However we wanted to give it a try and, after going through many kpop groups, and it took us forever, after looking from start to finish their galleries and personally asking for fans here and there on the net, we were able to pick our 10 best-dressed male at the airport with three of their best outfits each. Before getting into it, try to guess which idols will be featured and let us know if you got anything right!

[ disclaimer: the gallery is alphabetically organized and not based on an actual numeral order ]

ATEEZ, Yeosang. Let’s start from the last group debuted but alphabetically the first, ATEEZ. Their most stylish member is, with no doubt, Yeosang. He loves caps and chokers, as well as black – who doesn’t love black!. He knows his strong points as in his neck and fairy-like face, and likes to highlight it with caps or headband! A freshly new Wave ( 😜 ) in fashion.

BTS, Taehyung. Have you ever had a more difficult time than choosing between BTS members? Probably not. The boys are known for their sense of fashion and want to rule it just like they’re doing with k-pop, but in the end, our favorite was Taehyung. Someone said that his fashion reminds of Leonardo di Caprio during the Titanic age, but to us, he is on his path. Incomparable.

EXO, Chanyeol. Looking through EXO’s Chanyeol outfits, we could tell two things: first, he often likes to wear comfy clothes, and second, when he’s not wearing them he knows how to play the fashion-game! Being so tall can be a burden, make your outfits boring and limit your imagination but Chanyeol loves his physical appearance and knows how to highlight his features: height, of course, but his cute ears too, and we’re loving it!

EXO, Kai. Do you know when they say that EXO has everything? Vocals, rappers, talent, visual, well apparently they also have fashion sense! EXO’s Kai is already Gucci’s ambassador, and he’s so into fashion that we probably had the hardest time in choosing his outfits. Always picking clothes that can enhance his Godly-like body proportions, he also knows how to play with it and, at times, going all cute according to his own game.

MONSTA X, Minhyuk. Definitely one of the most underrated in the game. Monsta X is a big name in k-pop, and while growing bigger worldwide for their music, the recognition to their sense of fashion struggles to break. That’s why Minhyuk enters our top 10. Casual clothes are challenging to wear if you don’t want to look forgettable, but we’re sure no one is going to forget these outfits.

MONSTA X, Hyungwon. Worldwide recognized ‘meme’ ( none of us is going to forget his drinking-face anytime soon ) this boy has way more talent and more reasons to be remembered than just his meme-face. In the DJ’s world, he’s H.One, for his fans, is ‘just’ Hyungwon and for people who may not know this tall, slim, and pretty boy should be a fashion icon. Hyungwon truly has it all, and we’re very jealous. ( Pssst! While we’re at it you may check other members’ fashion as well since 7 out of 7 know how to do it, just saying! )

NCT, Taeyong. The NCT 127 leader, who’s also the point person for NCT 2018, every single member rely on him, and he proved his worth many time, is also a fashion guru. ‘Dare to wear’ may be his motto. Not afraid of wearing leather or printed pants always loves to put a focus on his upper body and highlighting is astonishing facial features making him look like he just came out of a manhwa (Korean manga).

PENTAGON, Yanan. If you don’t know who Pentagon are, we will tell you: it’s not just a five-sided polygon, and you should totally look forward to their upcoming comeback SUM(ME:R) and check out his best-dressed member at the airport. A 186cm tall-boy who, with his slim figure, leather jackets and love for hats, can make the airport is own runway.

SHINee, Kibum. No introduction needed. This group has no rivals and plays in its own league. Even if he’s currently serving active duty in Korea, Kibum is already a well-known fashionista. Cheap, comfy, and easy-to-wear are not in his fashion vocabulary. A polished and refined style which screams personality from every inch of it, not everyone can wear it as Kibum does.

SUPER JUNIOR, Siwon. Before nowadays ‘juniors’ there was only Super Junior. Years of k-pop history already written on their own, when social media weren’t really a thing, and still paving the way ( first group ever to have their own concert in Saudi Arabia ) they also have some saying in fashion. Choi Siwon is not only a singer and a special representative of the South Korea committee for UNICEF but also a model, and by looking at these pictures, you can tell he’s still in the game.

We know… we know. Airport fashion is complicated to master, even idols make mistakes and not every one of them loves to play this game, just like us, that’s why if you’re having a hard time and some ongoing hysterical crisis you can always pull off a whole EXO’s Sehun. Relatable.

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