Kissing The (Amazing) Old Year Out

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The year 2017 is about to end and it truly seems that everything happened in a week. Those days of the year arrived where you try to make a brief summary of what happened to you in the year and what you want to happen in the next.

Ultimately the year 2017 was full of excitement, moving from Nicaragua to Mazatlan, and then from Mazatlan to Querétaro, I made my first cruise trip with my family and I met the Caribbean, it was another year of being with my boyfriend, I met again with old friends, one of my best friends is going to get married and among other things I started writing.

When I think of the word “thank you” I think of how trite it might sound, but it is true, there is nothing so valuable as having gratitude and being able to say “thank you”. I am infinitely grateful for everything that has happened to me this year and the experiences that have made me immensely happy, but what I come to talk to you about is how one of my dreams came true.

I have always liked to write, short stories, my nightmares, about things that happen to me or things that I think happen to someone else, honestly I always thought that what I wrote would be exclusive for me, as you should know if you have read me so far, I always talk about personal things that I think, on a larger or smaller scale, I share with many of you, and for that reason I never thought that I would write for an audience.

I discovered Americanoize by the column “D is for …”, written by Daniela Von Wobeser, and from there I started surfing the magazine, I thought many times how much I would like to be able to say what I liked there and then I mentally slapped myself for taking my mind so far, because it was obvious that I was never going to write there.

That’s when I decided to try and send an email explaining why I wanted to become a collaborator, I sent it almost accompanied by laughter, how it was possible that among the millions of emails that I imagined they received would pay attention to mine. To my surprise they contacted me and apparently what I had said had some impact on them.

I do not try to do any publicity talking about the incredibleness of Americanoize (which I think), what I try is to express my eternal gratitude, for giving me the opportunity to expose myself, to challenge myself, to convert something that I have been thinking the last 8 years in something feasible and to be able to give me the happiness of saying “I did this”.

Writing for me has been like a therapy, I’ve thought countless times about what funny things to say, what to talk about, if someone will be offended, if I’m being honest and so endless questions that arrive before writing, while I write and when I’m finished And I have felt proud of myself (if that can be said of oneself), when talking about how I feel and the things that happen to me I have found a way to deal with some of my deepest fears, these last 3 months I have I discovered more things about myself than in the last years and for this I need to say thanks to the Americanoize team.

It is difficult today to find a platform that lets you be who you are, that lets you use the words you want, talk about the topics you want, that does not guide you to have the editorial style and I found it, in my first I try to become someone and it’s something that I can not believe today, I just love the “about us” section of Americanoize.

Now that the year is over, it is time to thank for what happened in 2017 and that is why I decided to write today about what changed my life.

It is incredible to have dreams, to want to achieve countless things, to leave a certain mark and it is wonderful to want to be someone (we are all someone, but there are people who are “someone”).

So although my text is short my invitation is clear, have a dream and seek to achieve it, or have several and achieve each of them, there will always be someone who will believe in you but that person will not always be at the first door you touch , so hold on to what you are passionate about and seek to do it for love and do not stop having fun while doing it.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, incredible things happened to me and I was able to share one more year with my partner and our incredible love, who is always with me giving his support, to thank for my incredible family, for the things that have amazed me as be on a cruise in the middle of the Caribbean watching the most special blue in the world. The incredible and strong relationship with my dad (who had been weakened many years ago), the evolution of my thoughts, my health, the delicious food I have tasted, listening to the waves of the sea, and being able to tell myself that I write and someone reads me.

So make the list of what you are grateful for, observe the special things that have happened to them, tell people how much you love them, acknowledge your merits and learn from your mistakes, but above all go and use this incredible word: ” Thank you”.

I wish you a very happy new year and that new goals come with achievements that will fill you with happiness and that you can share it with your loved ones. Thank for all the people that in some way change my life, give me joy, trusted me, and loved me.

May your 2018 be full of astonishment and dreams fulfilled, like mine.

Ahí nos vemos.

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