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The last days I’ve been thinking about my childhood, remembering old Christmases, gifts, games, etc … and together with my boyfriend we started to analyze the differences of a child in these days and it occurred to me that it would be interesting to talk about how different It would have been my life if I had 5 or 12 years old right now.

First as a good daughter of the 90s, my closet was shaped (between inheritances) of pompous dresses, crinolines, turtle necks, hair clips that used to hurt me, long socks, disastrous outfits, random prints, huge jackets and especially very little freedom of decision when choosing my outfits.

As for my hair I remember that my childhood was full of marble hair ties, circle headband (which made me look like a bald princess), scrunchies, banana clips, butterfly clips, snap barrettes and millions of accessories that made your hair look like a work of art.

My favorite games were the musical chairs, Stapoo (Hopscotch) better known in Mexico as “the little plane”, skipping that consisted of jumping on different levels a spring, hide and seek, jump rope, hand clap games, hula hoop, and a endless activities that consisted in being outdoors chasing my friends, or being persecuted. And having a “real size” doll or a magical stove or a tamagochi made you the most “cool” person in the group.

Without the intention to sound like a complaint, because on the contrary I infinitely appreciate the incredible childhood that I had, I do want to make a comparison and locate myself in the current days.

A child today defines himself as being cool by complying with any of the following; an ipad, iphone or anything with “i”, have a “hatchimal” (the furby of the generation Z or post-millennials), know how to control a “Sky Viper V2400”, listen to music with a wireless headphones, a nintendo switch, Virtual reality lenses, in short could describe all the artifacts with you that I see that nephews or children in shopping malls play. So if I was 12 years old I probably would not be the coolest girl in the group since I would have to spend a good fortune but I think I could have at least some fun board game like “Pie Face”.

Another characteristic of children now is that they know everything, it literally seems that they are not taught to teach many things or that they are not interested. Of course I should not generalize, but in a common denominator of children with whom I have treated this way is reality, you can hardly surprise them or ask for favors in exchange for chasing them for a moment, it does not seem like playing hide and seek because if it’s up to them They will probably leave you abandoned in your hiding place. The nanny is the new iPad, and the skills are summarized to the number of games you have downloaded.

It is true that probably one of these children is going to invent a teleportation machine or a flying car and if there is a child reading this I want to tell you that we do not expect less from you. But ultimately these children are so technological that I do not doubt Apple or Microsoft are changing the age in their job vacancies (bad joke).

There is something that ultimately makes me envy these new generations, and here among us is that they are super developed, and if I refer to what they are thinking, never at my 17 years I saw myself as Bella Thorne or any Kardashian , I did not have a neckline like that of Ariel Winter (nor do I have it now) and by accepting my reality I will never see myself as Selena Gómez or Ariana Grande. My adolescence really was teeth with braces, I did not have any model sister like Hadid so I did not conceive any celebrity, face with acne (which seems to accompany me in adulthood), quinceaneras parties and at best maybe henna tattoos . So, being honest with you for this quality, I would have liked to be born in 1997 or in 2000.

Another thing that children have now is access, they can enter everywhere, I could go freely 18, and if I could go before it was because I got some false identification or because the friend of a friend of a friend knew someone and they let us through. But the children of now are everywhere and I know that because they publish it in their social networks.

I do not imagine my puberty with social networks and I honestly appreciate that they did not exist, my appearance was strange and secretly I appreciate that there is little public evidence of that.

The fact is that they have access to everything, the internet is a cell phone movement and does not close your telephone line as when I was a child. I do not want to enter into their conversation topics, but despite being a fan of “Clarissa explains it all” on Nickelodeon, I never talked about sex, money, followers, my life I think was simpler, eventually in puberty I was interested in guys, but generally in my childhood everything was to play. So they know everything from the internet, there´s all the information, and since the information is power, in conclusion the children of now they are powerful.

In short, there are infinite differences between my childhood and those who are living theirs in these moments, among many advantages they may have today I appreciate belonging to the generation of “you want to play?”, I take advantage of the existence of slides, swings, colored chalk and concrete floors that served as canvas.

So today I invite you to remember your childhood, to look back with love and gratitude, to teach different games to your children in case you have them or any children you know, tell them about the things you did for fun, of when the infinite playlists did not exist and you made your records to listen to them in the discman, or of the machine that you had to return the movies in vhs, tell them about your favorite sweets, your weekend plans and things that made you more illusion. And if you were born a lot before I was also told what you were doing, I love listening to stories. Happy Wednesday everyone, go play.


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