Jeans and Your Body Type – How To Pick Yours?

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There is nothing more frustrating than searching a good pair of men’s jeans. When you hunting shopping for the right pair, spend money and come home all bankrupt yet regretting that you didn’t find the perfect pair.

You’ve been there and felt that way before (met too) and this is where you need to stop doing that right away.

Worry not now!!

Now you have a checklist that will help you find an apt pair of jeans just meant for your body type. With different body types broadly for which jeans are available, this blogs lay them down for you.

Skinny jeans

Meant for the slender guys, the skinny jeans are the ones that complement the lean legs and don’t look baggy on the profile. This type of jeans creates a perfect balance between the slim profile and the skinny stature. Apart from the skinny jeans, guys with the respective body type can also adopt straight leg jeans. Choosing anything apart from the two categories would make you look bigger and broader which you obviously are not. Hence, just be careful.

Straight leg jeans

Also meant for every body type, the straight leg jeans are the ones which compliment everyone. Whether you are skinny, medium or bulky, a straight cut would always be on your side. Mostly fit perfect for the average body type, the respective style fits perfectly with the athletic personalities who have earned what they showoff by working hard at the gym. Falling down the toned legs, straight fit jeans define the thighs and the calves for the better where the person will come out looking absolutely stunning.

Wide leg jeans

Now coming to last body type which people consider to be fat. However, you’re not fat, you’re just a little bulky with extra pounds here and there. The options that you have are – wide legged and or the conventional fit. With these options, the intention is to provide the maximum comfort to the legs and the intimate areas. After all, when you walk, you don’t want that bunching feeling in one place or the tightness that gives you chafing in the groin area. So, you can choose either wide legged jeans of the apt fit that calls for comfort.

Do you have any suggestions about the body types and their respective jean style? Let us know in the comments below.

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