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The soft aura of the South of France and an 80s taste made of stripes and asymmetrical cuts, this is the fashion world created by Simon Porte Jacquemus.
He was only 19-years-old when he left the Provence to move to Paris in order to attend a fashion school. But everything changed with the death of his mother… It was a real turning point and everything re-started again. The name Jacquemus is her mother’s surname, while La Bombe was her nickname, and the whole brand became a tribute and an ode to her. Simon’s mom was a sexy and shy and these features are also the main of the brands.

Jacquemus “doesn’t do clothes, but does stories” and the ones of women driving through a rocky road with sea view in the South of France or living the island life during Summer, were chosen to perfectly represents the Spring/Summer 2018.

A soft poetry and a glamorous and feminine soul, a flawless beach style, and above all Simone words gave an immediate idea of the spirit of the new collection… “The idea of going down to the harbor after a long day at the beach and wanting to feel beautiful”.

Less is more.

Neutral colors are spread like a palette on sensual deep back neckline and draped high-splits of skirt side knotted and dresses. The accessories are audacious, with earrings of different shapes in each ear, the blocked-heels and Le grand chapeau bombe that is a big hat that will entirely cover your face, giving an allure
of mystery and sensuality.

A vintage feeling of nostalgia pervades the entire collection and I bet that you won’t be able to put one of his dresses on, Bombe hat and sandals, to close your eyes and feel like you are on a cabriolet in Saint-Tropez.

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