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Pay particular attention to the interview below because I’m introducing to you the most promising shoes designer out there. Luisaviaroma buyers trusted her talented and now her shoes are best sellers in one of the most famous worldwide retailer.

Havva Mustafa.

Remember this name because her shoes are becoming the IT product, the real Must Have of the season.

#coolgirlsdontsleep and hell ya, she is so damn true!

Havva Mustafa shoes has been featured in several industry publications, like, Vogue Italia, Instyle, Elle UK, The Blonde Salad, Stylist, Bricks and so on. What Havva said about the woman who decided to wear her shoes is

“She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she will definitely be someone shot of whiskey.”

And with this bold and fierce attitude, I leave Havva speaks with this pop-cool interview that she gave to me!

Interview to Havva Mustafa

1) I imagine there was a moment where your passion for shoes wanted to become something more. When you decided to turn it into a job? How was born your brand?

I grew up in a family of shoe artisans and worked in the industry for a while until my brothers said hey why don’t you start your own brand and here we are today.

2) Which is the main source of inspiration for your work?

Music and street fashion for me is a large influence.

3) Tell us about the Fall / Winter 2018 collection, which is its leitmotif?

Inspired by a nightlife vibe and too cool for school attitude we mix a combination of classic design elements with pure maximalism. We incorporated broken hearts (The broken heart encapsulates the hearts you break in your wake.), stars, embroidered XOXO text and of course the slogan for the season ‘COOL GIRLS DON’T SLEEP!’

4) What would you like to communicate through your shoes? What message would you like to transmit to the people who decide to wear Havva Mustafa?

The brand ethos is about giving women the statement piece which says to everyone, Yes I’m here and I’m a bada**! At the end of the day we are all cool girls.

5) Which is the must-have pair of shoes of the current collection? The one that most represents you?

If I was a shoe I would be the XO boot- I’m practically living in this boot this season. For me it’s an absolute staple- a Square toe loafer style with a racing stripe heel adorned with ‘XOXO’ embroidery and gold metal zips- what more could you want.

6) At the Americanoize headquarter, we are very curious and passionate about the next upcoming collections of brands, so I would like to ask a little hint about the Spring/Summer 2018

More boots, more studs and more slogans!

7) In your imagination, how is the woman who wears your products?

The HAVVA woman is a firecracker with a tongue and cheek attitude, and the shoes to match. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she will definitely be someone shot of whiskey.

8) In general, talking about trends, what are for you the three must-haves items and the three flop?

Must haves: Levis Jeans reworked, Balenciaga triple S sneakers and Tour Merch.
I don’t know about flops as there is always someone out there who wants something we might dislike- so saying that, things that I dislike are: minimalism and black leggings.

9) Is there a character in the world of fashion, film, entertainment or in your own life that has influenced you the most?

As cliché as it sounds my own father aka Mr Shoe, he is the all-knowing master of anything footwear related. He has been a shoe designer/consultant since he was 19, and now a lecturer.

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