The Real Influencers of Dallas

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Dallas is the setting for the first The “Real Influencers” of … the new Americanoize column that will showcase 5 influencers each time from a particular city.

People who live in the Lone Star State are full of Texas pride, and these influencers are no different. People warn others not to mess with Texas, and that is especially true when dealing with the state’s influencers featured on Americanoize. Check them out!

1. Ashley Robertson @theteacherdiva

Taking a little introduction from her website, Ashley grew up in Dallas, TX and developed two passions at an early age: for instance she had a heart for educating young minds and a love for fashion. That is why she started “The Teacher Diva”, her blog, to express her own creativity and love for all-things fashion.

During the weekends, Austin and I often like to head downtown to Dallas and discover new restaurants, stores and coffee shops. It’s one of our favorite things to do together and gives us a nice change of scenery from the work week.

2. Brooke Burnett  @onesmallblonde

Brooke is a food lover, fashion fanatic blondie and her blog is called One Small Blonde. Her website is a fashion and lifestyle blog created to influence young women and helps them feeling confident with their own style while giving them  at the same time ideas and tips.

Life is complicated. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be.

3. Courtney Kerr @Kerrently

Since she was young Courtney has spent most of her life around the fashion world and now, when she isn’t playing dress up in her closet or thinking of her next sarcastic one-liner, she can be found eating tex-mex, drinking dirty martinis, traveling the world, or playing fetch with her four-legged best friend, a female rescue pit bull who is appropriately named “Fancy.”

Exciting accessories are the best way to create a vibrant look, & anytime I need “vibrant,” red is always my go-to color of choice!

4. Brighton Keller @brightonkeller

Brighton Keller is an LA girl currently live in Dallas who created the fashion blog Brighton The Day. On her blog, you will also find personal tips, thoughts, style guides and shopping round ups. Her Faith is a major component of her life, along with music.

Although fashion is my main content focus, I make an effort to cover other topics such as beauty, faith, and travel.

5. Madison Nelson @Madisadrinelson

Madison, with her #herecomesthenelson blog, shows her love story with her husband, from the proposal, to the wedding. She originally started her blog as a place to share her personal journals, but then became much more!

#Herecomesthenelsons… but really, it’s just me. Until David wants to bop in and hit ’em with some fashion blogger post!

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