Grow your Instagram with a dedicated account manager.

User targeting

Let us know about some accounts similar to yours that already have your desired audience and your account manager will start engaging with their followers.

Hashtag targeting

Hashtags are the secret weapon to grow on Instagram. Choose which hashtags to prioritize and you account manager will interact with posts related to them.

Get ready to grow

Once we have setup everything properly, you can relax and see your followers grow. The account manager makes sure that everything goes as planned.

  • Boost
    $349 monthly
    • Get 1 article on Americanoize Magazine
    • Get Featured on Bloglovin!
    • Set up and management by our team
    • Up to 1 Account
    • Real Followers
    • Keywords Strategic Plan
    • Geolocation Targeting
    • Premium Support
    • Excluded Keywords


What do you need from me?

We’ll need you username and password to login the first time into your account and set up everything. And also the hashtags, influencers and geolocation related to your account.

How do you provide me more followers?

We mostly engage with other users on Instagram. We do that only with people that can be interested in your contents, based on geolocation, hashtags and accounts similar to yours.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes of course!

Why should I give you my password?

Because our agency only need it for the first access, in order to set up your account properly. As soon as you do not need our help anymore you can change your password, so we won’t be able to access anymore.

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Start Your Boost Plan

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