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It’s been a tiring year for us all, albeit an empowering one. We finally have a voice that’s being listened to, and are taking advantage of that platform in the best way possible. We’re taking back control of the narrative, and part of that is publicly expressing all the things that we are tired of.

This is all thanks to two women who decided to create the I’m Tired Project.

Every type of person you could imagine is featured in this ongoing project, which paints the truths of what people are tired of on their backs, on everything from sexuality and body type, to ethnicity and mental health. It reflects the supposed labels that have been slapped on them by an oblivious society, and acts as a catharsis for rage and frustration on undeserving and belittling comments that leave invisible scars.

Born in 2015 in the UK by founders Harriet Evans and Paula Apkan, these women came up with the brilliant ideas to bare messages on peoples backs such as

“I’m tired of having to apologize for things I haven’t done” and “I’m tired of being the angry black woman”.


It aims to highlight the lasting effects of assumptions, micro-aggressions, and stereotypes to expose discrimination and the complexity behind the people who receive it. This project both acts to raise awareness and create a safe space for people to share their stories, in an anonymous and intimate way. Its become a global phenomenon, and for good reason. People are sick of being treated in a certain way, especially under this presidency, and they’re ready to speak out and fight back in an empowering way.

The I’m Tired Project encourages an interactive and health experience for all members of society, and have even launched workshops which aim to educate young people on prejudice, unity, and shared inner grievances.

Many of these vulnerable feelings and thoughts go unheard throughout a person’s life and sit under the facade of a smiling exterior. The fear of being exposed and facing even more backlash presides, rather than a yearning to connect and relate to others through their shared, universal experiences.

I’m Tired Project has helped to spark a social revolution and can really help bring about change, as well as giving people of all backgrounds a platform to use their voice. These courageous individuals prove that you don’t need to shout to be heard – just write it down. What would you want written on your back?

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