Why I’ll Never Get Tired of Traveling

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You know that feeling you get when you see your high school crush walking across the hall? Or the sensation of pure bliss you get after a long concert and the artist comes on again for one last song?

What if I tell you that you can reach that feeling without anyone’s involvement? You just need an old hand luggage that your mother got from a friend, or your backpack. Probably you’ll also need a cheap bus ticket or a long train ride or a flight you found on a very good discount, but that definitely comes second if you got determination.

Because the truth is I get that very same feeling I described before whenever I leave my town or my home to visit somewhere else I’ve never been to or where no one knows my name. And I’ll never get tired of it.

In this very moment, I am writing this article while I am on the verge of having a crisis because I don’t know what’s coming from the adventure I’m about to engage in. I don’t know for sure what clothes I’ll be needing or what train will get me to the cheap airbnb I booked for my stay. I’m going to Oslo tomorrow and this feeling, this pressure, this excitement, is what keeps me going. In fact, there’s nothing that makes me as happy as the unknown that follows the journey to a town I’ve never been to or the flight to a city I already visited but where I can make memories that I know I’ll cherish with me for days, months or even years.

I’m a fan of different cultures, of hearing languages around me I understand nothing of and I don’t think I’ll ever stop getting so amazingly appreciative of other people and those same cultures and languages I love so much, as I do when I travel. Emotions are quadruplicate when you feel them in a Country that you don’t call your own and I still have to find a way to logically explain why.

I made most of the memories I value the most while wandering around cities I didn’t know any streets of. I got lost in the shops of Brighton with a stranger met in a hostel who I still keep in touch with, I vividly remember my first dinner in Cork spent with two beautiful girls who were there getting as lost as me during their journey in Ireland. I perfectly recall the colours of the canals in Amsterdam after a night out, spent laughing with a friend and two strangers we walked home with.

I firmly think that we are meant for travelling.  As humans, as people who experience emotions and develop skills while experiencing things, it is impossible for anyone to be completely accomplished without the whole package of experience that travelling involves.

I am pretty sure I read a study once that said the sky changes colours based on what region, town, Country or continent you’re in. So why would I ever stop traveling? Isn’t that reason enough for me to keep travelling until I’ve seen them all? Would you consider yourself accomplished without seeing all of those colours? Because I think I’ll never be able to consider myself satisfied without having seen them all and that’s why I’ll never get tired of traveling.

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