The Iconic Rebecca Minkoff

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Meeting Rebecca Minkoff in Milan has been an eye-opening experience. The eclectic and brilliant NYC fashion stylist has already dressed celebs like Keira Knightley, Ashley Greene and Reese Witherspoon.

She became famous in 2001 thanks to her  “I love New York” t-shirt, a must-have in anyone closet, after her friend Jenna Elfam showed it on TV. In 2005 Rebecca started designing bags, since in her opinion this is the item that properly finalize a look. In 2009 Rebecca started in the US to create Prêt-à-porter collections, perfect for trend setter women, and she is the one par excellence, influencing the group with her good taste and her glam rock soul.

Her icons are women like Patty Smith, independent, confident ladies that are not afraid of playing with colors. For instance, for her new bag collection presented in Milan, she used spring colors and she showed up dressed with flowers that usually blossom during that time of the year.

When I ask Rebecca Why all these flowers? On the clotches, pochettes, also embroidered on every shoulder bag, she answers me that her new collection is meant to bring a sun ray on what is the season of love. 

Charismatic and upbeat, Rebecca interacts with the other influencers and me and everyone makes compliments on her glowing look and we ask about her secret. She tells us that she drinks a lot of water and love her work! I add also that another factor could be her pregnancy!

Congratulations Rebecca on your new collection and also for your baby on the way!

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