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Dear Americanoizers, as you might now, the majority of our team is based in Miami and Florida and we are facing the Hurricane Irma. This is why you saw a decrease in content over the past few days. What we decided to do for you, starting from today on, is to provide you a sort of travel diary, based on different contributors: where they are, what they are experiencing and trying to see some positive aspects of running from Irma. We hope you will enjoy it, the important thing at the end of the day, is that our team is safe!

Let´s start from the beginning: our headquarter is based in South Beach and as soon as we heard we had to evacuate, we decided to hit the road (along with our computers of course!). What you are going to read are travel diaries and stories from some of us that decided to leave Florida for a while along with a couple of contributors that decided to stay.

Amanda Harris, Senior Director of PR & Marketing at the Diplomat Beach Resort and also one of our contributors and part of the jury for the #likefactor, decided to stay on the East Coast of Florida and volunteer to help before and after the hurricane. She helped visitors to get out to hotel facilities and now she is in West Palm Beach waiting to help people as soon as Irma will be gone. She sent along over the past 3 days different testimonials of the situation there, and we are sharing them with you.

The first thought Amanda had, some days before the hurricane hit, has been towards the elderly. She wrote us that “The worst part about leaving Miami Beach is wondering if we are leaving people like this behind. Godspeed for Florida.” Hopefully, these people had been already evacuated in safe shelters.


Continuing her diary, Amanda sent us along also how shops in West Palm Beach were preparing for the storm surge, and she sent a couple of pics from shops closing down.

For who decided to stay, yesterday night was an evening full of tensions, and therefore who could decided to diffuse the tension by dancing in the hotel.

So this was Amanda testimony so far. We are awaiting more news on her side, and of course hoping everyone will be safe by end of today. A special thank to everyone that decided to stay and help others and a special thank to the brave Amanda who will keep us posted on what will come next!


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