Hunter Boots’ New Line Will Usher You Stylishly into a Rainy March

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“Walk on the refined side” is the tagline for Hunter Boots’ latest collection: a crisp, magical line with the right amount of utilitarian undertones as the company always does so well. Heading into a late February and early March sure to be brimming with more than a sprinkling of rainy days, the following looks should probably find their way into your closet soon, no?

Refined Drawstring Bomber

Available in pale rose, grey sage, or navy, this classic jacket can be thrown over jeans and a sweater, or even a dress or trousers while trekking about in wet weather. Cool enough for the city and functional enough for the country, the bomber is sure to fit a variety of needs.

Refined Garden Trench Coat

A good trench coat is a wardrobe staple, particularly necessary in the spring and fall. Try this one on for size in either the understated chamois color or the clean, crisp off-white option. Wander the garden or hustle off to work, you’re sure to look chic with this wrapped around you.

Original Short Refined Gloss Rain Boot

The functional height of these rain boots, along with their glossy finish dress up a rainy day look. Try out colors like parchment or clay for more muted tones, or go wild with pale rose or fountain blue.

Refined Blossom Print Chelsea Boot

Rain boots are a fantastic investment, though sometimes a bit too clunky to tote around on all your excursions– no matter how wet the weather may be. These little guys are durable and totable, with an added punch of whimsy to get you through the gloomiest days.

Original Refined Suede Ankle Boots

When the weather isn’t quite so daunting and you want a little elevation to your look? These suede booties could go from work to play in an instant with their sytlish stacked heel and water resistant exterior.


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