How To Grow Your Instagram Account

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Think of your Instagram feed like it was your personal online magazine. Utilize your videos and pictures to tell your story. Pick main content topics that show who you are as an artist, and construct a constant feed. Some examples of content themes are performing, recording, your musical interests, fashion style, and religion or spirituality, cooking, lifestyle. When someone visits your profile, your initial nine pictures must have a consistent look.
Decide if you would like your Instagram feed to incorporate images with a range about bold, eye-catching colors or if you’d like your pictures to possess a more minimalist, monochromatic look.
You also need to decide to if you want your photographs to maintain cool undertones or warm undertones.

Utilize a photo editing application to edit your pictures to match your theme. Along with having a constant motif, you also need to be consistent with your posting.
Consistency is key in establishing your followers with time. Sporadic posting may make you lose followers. Post to your page one to two times a day to construct your following. Create a few of your posts and schedule them beforehand with programs to stay on top of your societal game. Consider hashtags that both represent your brand and also what your supporters are looking for on Instagram. Utilize an analysis tool to see which hashtags are popular among your fans.

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