High Waisted Skirts: How and Who Should Wear Them

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Nothing flatters the feminine form like high waisted skirts. It is the perfect style to accentuate your womanly curves. It is timeless, classy and comes in a variety of styles and lengths that appeals to the older as well as the young fashionista.

The high waist skirt has the waistline at the smallest part of your body. It is particularly unique as it appeals to and can be worn by women of any body shape and size as long as you know the most flattering style for your shape.

The most common shapes are:

The pear shape

people with this shape, are small on top and have wider hips. They look fantastic with A-line high waisted skirts because it highlights the smallest part of the waist while flaring out and camouflaging the width of your hips.


You have a small, well-defined waist with the hips and chest area almost the same width. You can never go wrong with any style, with the most flattering being the high waist pencil skirt to show off those show-stopping curves.

The banana

You have the chest, hip and waist being almost the same width. The best high waisted skirts for you are printed minis. The busy print will give the illusion of curves on the bottom half while the mini will elongate your legs.

The apple

You have a slender lower body and much of your weight at the top half. The best options are pleated high waisted skirts. The waist will accentuate the smallest part of your torso while the pleats act to mask the mid-section.

A few points to consider when going for this style is:

• Choose the right skirt size

• Wear a non-bulky top tucked in to show off that waistline. You can also go for a more daring crop top for a sexy, youthful look.

• Invest in a well-fitted bra

• The best way to pull of this look is with high heels. Avoid flats.

• Add a belt for more waist definition.

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