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Our amazing journey is now touching Peruvian territory! Peruvian people are very wise and welcoming, we landed in Lima, and we went a bit south to visit one of the most arid region in the world, but once it here used to be water there.
Beside the ancient Nazca culture whose remain toms and water collectors, Nazca desert is famous for its line drawings. They were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.
On the ground level, the the lines cannot be discerned, but from a higher elevation, they can be seen forming coherent nature drawings, usually of animals, but also many geometrical and long perfect straight lines dig the grove.

The mysterious Nazca Lines were not discovered until the advent of modern aviation when a pilot flying overhead noticed the stunning geoglyphs back in 1939
Several theories have been put forth to explain why on earth these Pre-Inca people spent so much time and effort drawing lines in the sand. Were they for irrigation? Navigation? Or some sort of celestial calendar? More creative theories have suggested they created them for aliens who visited the region centuries ago.

As we went there, watching from the plane the most famous animal draws, we can tell all the people around there believe the lines were made to comunicate with somebody that was able to see them from the sky, and beside the animal drawing there are hundreds of other straight lines that for sure had some kind of function. They are impressive and very easy to see!

We visited also an other city in the desert called Ica, that is known as an area of desert, sand dunes, oases and valleys, the birthplace of Creole art of Peru, blessed people and witches! We had a guide that drove us around the city, and trough a tasting tour: we had a typical Peruvian wine, the Pisco brandy that is distilled in this region.

But the most fun part was at the oasis of Huacachina: we were transported deep into the desert to see ancient huge mountains of sand that are beautiful and surreal. We went on a dune buggy and sandboarding tour. This tour is both thrilling and jaw-dropping, because the landscape is stunning and the driver of the desert car are f***ing crazy!!!
In the oasis there is a romantic lagoon and you visit a place where time stopped!

Peru Is a surprising country! We are happy to spend here some time!

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