Henry and… Fake Nice People

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I wouldn’t like for you, beautiful soul who reads this column, to think that a blogger’s life is perfect and easy (unless you’re Chiara Ferragni, but I’m pretty sure she still struggles from time to time). I live in Mexico City and the fashion industry here sucks, it’s about who you’re friends with, your last name, how much money you have and how far are you willing to go to make it; it rarely is about talent.

Lately, I’ve realized that if you have, say 20 grand to spend, you can totally become a top blogger here. Here’s how to do it: pay a photographer to shoot some really cool outfit photos for Instagram, mix that up with a few “pretty food” shots; enter as many giveaways as you can afford (this is how you’ll get thousands of followers), participate in a comment pod so it looks like you’re friends with the other bloggers and, one of the most important things, be “fake nice” to everyone in the industry.

From PRs, to photographers, to bloggers and marketing people, everyone does it, everyone if fake nice, fake posh, fake everything… And if you want to take it to the next level, start believing in the fake life you’re portraying, start believing you’re more important than, say, Malala or Oprah, start believing you’re worth way more than everyone else and all of those who are not you are, clearly, beneath you.

Sometimes I have moments where I ask myself: how did I end up here? How a middle class average Joe got tangled up in this industry? The answer is simple: because not everyone is fake, because there are actual nice, talented, worthy individuals inside this glittery pink bubble. And that’s exactly why I stay here, because, underneath all the charades, there’s something that makes me feel like I’m doing something for someone, not just showing off how nice my outfit is or how expensive my last vacation was.

It’s hard to stay true to yourself inside a world that values “fake nice” so much, but I somehow manage to do it most of the time. Being a blogger looks easy but it’s not, there’s so much pressure to be something that you don’t need to be and it’s easy to get lost in that idea but I’m a firm believer that the perfect Instagram life is a lie that is losing its power and that more and more “real” people will start taking over the fashion industry. Just wait and see. Wait and see…

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