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When I was little I wanted to be famous, I mean, didn’t we all? I wanted to be the most famous person in the world. Growing up, I realized I chose a very difficult task, so I went for being well known for something big, instead. That’s still my struggle, I’m still figuring out what that something big will be.

I guess wisdom does come with age, if you’re lucky, and now I don’t see fame as a priority anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a blogger and YouTuber for a couple years now and of course I would love to be a household name but the reasons for me wanting that are very different now that I’m older.

I would like to make a change, as clichéd as it sounds, I’d like to create something, to help someone out. Maybe that’s why I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when someone tells me that reading a post of mine, watching a video or looking at some photos made their day a bit better. I guess that’s one of the things I like most about what I do: I get the chance of making someone’s day a little better.

Let’s think about something for a second here, (in the extremely short amount of time we give to any online text): we all want to be remembered, to be memorable and leave a legacy behind. How many of us will actually achieve that? Less than you may think but (and that’s a big but here), that longing of greatness is powerful, it’s a fuel that propels us forward and without it, we would be stuck.

Fame is a beautiful thing to look at, to admire; however, it’s not made for everyone. Working in the entertainment industry is a lot of fun but it’s also a constant test for all of those involved. How much are you willing to risk in order to advance? How strong and sure of yourself were you before you got in? Big or small leagues, it’s all the same. People cheat, trick, abuse and harm you and, if you don’t have a goal in mind, it’s extremely easy to get lost in the crowd.

Maybe I still don’t have a crystal clear purpose, I haven’t found the thing that will make me memorable but I know who I am and the things I stand for: I like helping people and connecting with them, having a (big or small) impact in their lives. Will that give me fame? Probably not; but it sure helps me sleep better at night.

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